What the %#!*$ is Thunder Mouth?

Andrew Hardingham gave us a press release for his new “project” Thunder Mouth. Sadly we can’t post the whole thing here because it contains nudity, quite a bit of nudity actually. So you’ll have to read it below and then find your own nudity.
Press Release: Ubiquitous meida’s new film “Thunder Mouth” has a creative direction!
What’s one thing in our lives that we think about every minute of every day? Clumsy and awkward yet they still seem to find their way into out minds? The answer is Boobies. No different from your elbow or knee except much less useful in a fight and an elbow won’t provide a baby with food unless you really hate that baby! Boobies are so much more prominent then any other part of a females body. Not a day goes by that i don’t think to myself ” Why do i care about those fat lumps with that awkwardly textured poke-a-dot on the end?” If it’s a sexual thing than shouldn’t I fantasize about another organ I could accomplish something with, like the vagina? The Vagina is a better and more productive place even though it could be considered “cosmetically” the most discusting piece of human anatomy. Yet still i’m curious why boobs always take precedence. Could it be the size, shape, and/or skin exposure percentages? Maybe it’s because they’re closer to our eyes, porthole to our minds and the gateway to our pleasure. Perhaps its because they’re always pointing at us and we love the attention. Regardless of why, I’d like to think there important and will now be one of the primary focus of our new film.
Thunder Mouth
An ode to Boobies