Today is a Snow Day at Copper


Today is a Snow Day at Copper
Join the Snow Day Team before January 13

Copper reported 4 inches of snow this morning, Monday, January 3, so it is an Official Snow Day. If you don't have your Snow Day Pass yet, you can still pick it up for upcoming Powder Days! This is the 14th Snow Day this season, and Copper averages 42 Snow Days per season.

Basically, the Snow Day Pass works like so: join the Snow Day team for just $99. Every time Copper gets four or more inches of snow, come on up and use your pass for free, because four inches has never been so satisfying.

The Snow Day pass will be on sale through January 13, so the sooner you buy it, the more chances you will have to use it. After January 13, this offer will self-destruct.

For more information and to purchase your very own Snow Day Pass, visit .

All images are from today, Monday, January 3, 2011. Please credit Forrest Miller for all images.


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Copper Mountain knows there are skiers and riders out there who have never felt the thrill of waking up and hearing on the radio that school was cancelled. There are people who have never spent a whole day in the snow doing anything their heart desired. No joke. These people, and those who understand snow day bliss, are the reason we do what we do. So come to Copper to take a day, or two or seven and experience the mountain. Welcome everybody, to the home of the snow day. For up-to-date weather, photos and more visit . This season make sure to check out Woodward at Copper, the premier trick stomping playground that features The Barn, a 19,400 sq. ft. indoor facility complete with indoor artificial snow jumps and jib lines, foam pits, skate features and Olympic fly-bed trampolines, offering indoor and outdoor training programs where you can learn tricks in the Barn and take them on snow the same day. .