Torgeir Berre Joins Endeavor Snowboard Team


Torgeir Berre, Photographer Daniel Tengs

Berre’s Diverse Talent Rounds Out The Best Looking Team In Snowboarding

VANCOUVER, BC June 8, 2010 – Endeavor Snowboards has signed Torgeir Berre, a 22 year old from Elverum, Norway. Berre has turned heads with his street rail prowess but describes himself as an "all rounder" of snowboarding.

I started to skate in grade three and the year after that I got a board for Christmas. I have been snowboarding ever since," says Berre. "It’s fun to ride a small streetrail or sketchy kinks, take laps in the park, cruise pow and hit big kickers. I just love all of it. I have so much fun trying everything on anything."

Berre films with Norway’s Ducksjen and started a two year project this winter with Process Films. He has also filmed with Factorfilms and Isenseven. Kareem El Rafie, Endeavor pro rider, is stoked to have friend Berre join the International Team.

Torgeir Berre, Photographer Daniel Tengs

Torgeir Berre, Photographer Daniel Tengs

I first met ‘Berry’ when we filmed together for ‘Over It’ in 2006. As soon as we hit some street rails I knew this kid meant serious bizz," says El Rafie. "Torgeir is a huge talent and always impresses me. He is a wide ranging rider that kills anything he commits to. I really dig his style. He has yet to get the recognition he deserves but now that he has joined our new international Endeavor team, that will change!"

Endeavor is hyped at the addition of Torgeir Berre to our program," says Max Jenke, Endeavor’s Managing Director. "His riding speaks for itself and being endorsed by someone as picky as Kareem means he’ll be a great addition to our crew. Welcome to the team Torgeir!"

The Endeavor Snowboards International team consists of Kale Stephens, Kevin Griffin, Kareem El Rafie, Johnny Lyall, Jody Wachniak, and Torgeir Berre.

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