SALT LAKE CITY, UT  (March 3, 2014) – The Utah snowboarding community descended on Brighton Resort yesterday for the sixth annual ThirtyTwo Day event.  ThirtyTwo degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature snow is made, and that's just what happened with two feet of snowfall in the 32 hours before the event on 3/2/14.  The free event that's open to all snowboarders had more than 200 people lined up to enter the Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests, as well as thousands that were at Brighton resort to enjoy the holiday.

PR - 32Days1 - Mar14

Brighton local Brandon Hobush enjoyed the fresh snow by blasting this method

PR - 32Days3 - Mar14

ThirtyTwo Rider Chris Grenier flying through the berms

ThirtyTwo Day combines the rider's time on the Banked Slalom with their score in the Rail Jam.  The challenging Banked Slalom course separated the committed riders that were in it to win it from the rest before the rail jam kicked off at 3 p.m. ThirtyTwo Team Riders JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Chris Bradshaw, Dylan Thompson, Brandon Hobush, Jordan Small and Spencer Schubert judged the Rail Jam.

PR - 32Days2 - Mar14

Left to right: Judges Chris Bradshaw and Chris Grenier watching Isabella Borriello earning her first place ThirtyTwo Day title

PR - 32Days4 - Mar14

Chris Frost's front-270 to frontboard was one of the many combos he pulled out of his arsenal in the rail jam to take the overall win

Overall ThirtyTwo Day Results:

PR - 32Days5 - Mar14


1. Chris Frost

2. Tristan Heiner

3. Jeremy Thornburg

PR - 32Days6 - Mar14


1. Isabella Borriello

2. Kelly Underwood

3. Nirvona Ortanez

Banked Slalom Results:



1. Dylan Bidez – 28.07 seconds

2. Merrick Joyce – 28.08 seconds

3. Jeremy Thornburg – 28.14 seconds



1. Kelly Underwood – 31.70 seconds

2. Isabella Borriello – 32.80 seconds

3. Nirvona Ortanez – 33.14 seconds


Rail Jam Results:


1. Alex Lockwood

2. Andrew Aldridge

3. Jeff Hopkins



1. Grace Maverick

2. Isabella Borriello

3. Nirvona Ortanez


The Brighton Resort is truly a mountain community that takes care of its own.  Sam Wittke is on the Brighton Park Staff and friend of the ThirtyTwo brand that has deep Brighton roots, and his mom, Mary Wittke, is in need so the community rallied to support her.  Mary has worked for Brighton for 30 years and she is currently battling cancer.  ThirtyTwo made a $5 donation for everyone that entered the ThirtyTwo Day event (plus a little), and this $1,032 donation will go to help cover her medical costs.  The Brighton Resort sports desk is also accepting donations for anyone else that is interested helping Mary Wittke.

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Photo Credit for all photos above: Jesse Anderson

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