The Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam (PB&RJ) amateur snowboard contest series was back at Mountain High on Friday night, January 7th. The goal of the series is to give something back to the young SoCal shredders. Deviating from the established way snowboard contests are typically run, Volcom with the help of the Mountain High park crew put together a fresh format. This side-by-side jib course boosts the energy level and fun nature of the contest because everyone is together, riding, hiking, and watching in a big group. There are four divisions; 15 & under, 16 & over and Girl’s and Men’s Open (pro-am). The contest runs in a jam format so there are no scheduled runs. Each rider can hit each of the jibs as many times as they want during each 20 minute heat. The judges only care about the tricks each rider pulls, so there’s no need to worry about falling. The event was absolutely free and signups were on a first come, first serve basis. Tons of free prizes and PB&J sandwiches were given out at the event! Also, everyone who entered walked away with a PB&RJ t-shirt and stickers!

The Mountain High course was, once again, in the infamous Playground base-area jib park this year and the set-up went all boxes so competitors literally had to “box it out” for the chance to end up on the winner’s podium. From rider’s right to the left, the course included a flat-down-flat box, then there was a pole jam to the massive dance floor box (with transition options on each side of the pole for many potential flip options) and finally there was a flat box with a small gap to a down box on the far left side. The setup was very rider friendly so plenty of solid tricks were thrown much to the delight of the crowd of spectators. Smooth presses, nasty spins and mad flips when down all with kind of style the sends shivers down your spine. Congratulations to Patrick Fava, Will Ermish, Nirvana Ortanez and Brendon Simons for taking first place in their respective divisions. And a special thanks to all of the competitors for coming out and putting on another great show at Mt. High.

2011 Mountain High PB&RJ Complete Results:

15 & Under

1st Patrick Fava (1:55, 2:18 – time code of video appearance)

2nd Christian Armenta (2:24, 2:41)

3rd Drayden Gardner (2:36)

4th Levi Kaseroff

5th Sean Monahan

16 & Over

1st Will Ermish (2:49)

2nd Ian Travis

3rd Jake Vega

4th Oliver Dixon

5th Zach Foster

Girl’s open

1st Nirvana Ortanez (3:28, 3:32, 3:37)

2nd Emily Blewitt

3rd Jamie Madrid 3:43

4th Lauren Weibert

5th Monique Hyman

Men’s Open

1st Brendon Simons (3:58-4:02, 4:30)

2nd Spencer Link (4:12, 4:17, 4:27)

3rd Dakota Whitaker

4th Nick Guin

5th Jeremy Estorga