Way To Go, John J!


Forum would like to send big congrats out to John Jackson, Snowboarder Magazine's back-to-back Rider of the Year! Stomping an insane two-part closer in this year's award-winning movie Fuck It, John also earned himself repeat honors in both the Video Part of the Year and Jumper of the Year categories. Fuck It's Director of Cinematography Nathan Yant who spent the season filming Jackson says,  "John is straight up a man. I've never worked with someone who was both as physically and mentally strong as him. When John points out a line or tells me a trick he's going to do, I pray to God I don't miss the shot 'cause I know it's going to be amazing."

"Oh man, this is all time. Like a cherry on top of the cherry!" says Jackson. "I gotta thank all my sponsors, fellow shredders, the young'ins who pester their parents to go shred, and especially everyone at Forum for a killer season. Couldn't have done it without y'all! Now I gotta go find trout of the year… Peace and love."

To see more of John, go to www.forumsnowboards.com <http://www.forumsnowboards.com/>  or download Fuck It on iTunes here <http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewTVSeason?id=391245977&s=143441> .