The forecast is looking good for the Northwest! Over the next four days, Whistler will be hit with the beginning of a long storm pattern, and is expected to receive up to 98 cm (that’s three feet!) of snow between now and Sunday. Mount up your powder boards and set back your bindings, this is going to be a good one! Even better, it sounds like the storm will extend south to Washington and Oregon, where Mount Hood will continue to have its base rebuilt, which is great for powder turns in the immediate future and for summer shredding a few months down the line.


via Whistlerblackcomb.com, 12.3.15.



via Whistlerblackcomb.com, 12.2.15.

Positive forecasts for the entire region via Opensnow.com.


via Larry Schick, Opensnow.com.



via Whistler.com.

If you’re in the Northwest, rejoice! You’re overdue and this is a great start to the 2016 season.