Windells 2015 Summer Camp Registration is Live!

(11/4/14) For Immediate Release — Mt. Hood, Oregon

For twenty-six years Windells has been a global kingpin in ski, snowboard and skateboard camps. Located on the Palmer Glacier of infamous Mt. Hood, every summer Windells boasts a private on hill terrain park offering limitless features for all abilities including varying sizes and dimensions of rails, jumps and a 22-foot superpipe. Timberline Ski Resort’s two high-speed express quads carry Windells campers over 3,000 vertical ft. of Real Snow™ while Windells’ two private rope tows keep campers riding, progressing and having a non-replicable summer shredding experience. Windells Camp off hill programming takes place at its private campus which is heralded for dry land amenities including: the massive Concrete Jungle skatepark and the 12,000 sq ft indoor facility dubbed B.O.B, which features a street-skate plaza, mini ramp, Olympic trampolines and a foam pit. In addition to Windells’ on campus skate haven, skate campers will tour many of the diverse and world-renowned skate parks located in the greater Portland area. Windells 8-day summer camp dates are shown below.

2015 Summer Camp Dates:

Session 1:        6/16/2015 – 6/23/2015

Session 2:        6/26/2015 – 7/3/2015

Session 3:        7/7/2015 – 7/14/2015

Session 4:        7/17/2015 – 7/24/2015

Session 5:        7/27/2015 – 8/3/2015

Session 6:        8/6/2015 – 8/13/2015

Windells Camp and Windells Academy are both owned by We Are Camp, LLC., made up of a group of passionate people who specialize in progressive and innovative action sport based camps. CEO of We Are Camp, Kevin English, notes, “Camp does good things. More than just a skills camp for skiing, skateboarding and snowboarding, Windells’ mission is Life Improvement. We are proud of what we offer, and really hope parents take the opportunity to learn about the good that we seek to do in our daily work.”

Whether you are a beginner or on your way to the Olympics, satisfy your desire to shred year-round at Windells Camp this summer.

For more information on any of Windells Camps or Windells Academy please visit or call (503) 622-3736.


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