Woodward at Copper: $50 Off Adult Week

Sure, camp is extremely fun. But no one ever said it was only for kids! Adults are welcome during any summer camp session, but we encourage you to come during Session # 1 June 14th to June 18th where we have programming that caters to the 18 and older crowd. We know you want to learn new skills and progress in a safe environment so we went ahead and created one just for you. Our Adult programs stick to a schedule similar for our underage campers but we also throw a bit of over-age fun into the mix as well…
A typical day during summer camp will include riding or skiing on snow at Copper’s summer version of the Catalyst terrain park in the morning, Barn sessions in the afternoon and evening, and other activities including video review, skateboarding and more. We also throw in some nightly outings for you to escape the camp life. We know camp is hard work, but I’m sure you’ve got some energy in their for some vacation time as well!
Check it all the info here: http://woodwardatcopper.com/site/summer/adult


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