Zeal Optics Adds Fasani to Team

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Fasani will make first official appearances at SIA SNOW SHOW 2012

Boulder, CO, January 3, 2012 – Zeal Optics, Boulder, CO, announced today that pro-snowboarder, Kimmy Fasani, will help re-launch the company's brand and debut new goggles and sunglasses in 2012. An advocate for female outdoor enthusiasts, Fasani will make her first official appearances for Zeal at Snowsports Industries America (SIA) SNOW SHOW in Denver, January 26-29, 2012.

Fasani is one of the leading women riders in the sport, recently nominated for Female Rider of the Year by Transworld Snowboarding, Fasani keeps progressing beyond just the physical aspects of snowboarding. Off the slopes, she is passionate about leading a healthy, active and well-balanced lifestyle.

“Zeal offered me a chance to be a part of something new, something different that we could create,” said Fasani. “I was drawn to the fact that we would be rebuilding the brand and re-launching it, which meant that I would be able to help drive the brand, product and marketing in a totally new direction.”

Fasani spent most of her life in the mountains, taking to the snow at the age of 2 and picking up snowboarding at age 9. In 2011, she rocketed to the top by becoming the first female to land a double backflip, which can be seen in Standard Films' TB20. She also was awarded Snowboarder magazine's “Miss Superpark Standout.” Off the slopes, Fasani is a graduate of the University of Phoenix in marketing. She applies this knowledge to help the growth of Mimi's Cookie Bar in Mammoth, CA, of which she and fellow sweet-tooth husband, Chris Benchetler, are part-owners.

Fasani will champion Zeal's efforts to demonstrate how action sports can be a facilitator for more than just fun, but also a healthy and active life. “In the last 6 years, I made drastic changes to my diet and lifestyle in order to make my body stronger and more durable,” comments Fasani.  “I have learned to appreciate good quality, natural foods and have made big strides to live a balanced and active lifestyle.” Along with being a snowboarder, she is a hiker, biker, runner, rock climber and yogi.  “I love cooking, traveling, writing, and spending quality time with friends and family. Living a healthy and passionate life is important to me; and I want to spread that message to everyone.”

“Kimmy is the essence of Zeal,” said Joe Prebich, director of marketing for Zeal Optics. “She will define us in the women's market through her actions and lifestyle. At Zeal we are all about living life to the fullest and we design products to enhance people's experiences outdoors. Yes, she is the best in snowboarding, but more importantly, but she lives a life full of excitement. Having her on our team will energize our community with new ideas, great activities and inspiring new ways to live and ride.”

Fasani to Help Zeal Debut New Line of Goggles

The relationship between Zeal and Fasani is multi-dimensional. She will make her first official appearances at SIA to help the company debut a new complete new line of goggles. “The new creative direction that Zeal is pursuing is exciting. They just unveiled a new line of shades that are fashionably focused, but athletically emphasized,” says Fasani. “The new goggles have evolved tremendously with updated frames and colors.  Good things are happening with this company and the horizon is bright. I am so excited to be part of this movement.”

About Zeal Goggles

Zeal's goggles line is armed with technology and style, providing a line that is very diverse. Fasani will wear the Link SPPX goggle with a polarized, photochromic lens and unparalleled visual clarity. The lens not only cuts 100 percent of UV rays and 99.9 percent of glare from the sun and slopes to reduce eye fatigue, but also automatically adjusts to varying light levels, going from a light yellow tint in low light, to a dark rose/brown tint in brighter light.

Zeal is known as the leader in GPS Goggles that feature real-time, in-goggle access to performance statistics including speed, altitude, temperature, and time during a run down the slopes.  Zeal's newest models, including the Z3 GPS Goggles, also capture jump data for analysis. The GPS line comes with downloadable software that allows users to transfer data from their goggles to their PC and Mac computers. Users can see their fastest and slowest speeds, review individual runs, and see vertical distance covered. The software allows users to manage and “playback” runs overlaid on 3-D Google Earth and share information on Facebook and Twitter. All Zeal GPS goggles are powered by Recon Technology.

Nearly all Zeal goggles feature a large, polarized, in-molded anti-fog lens set into flexible frames that remain malleable in cold temperatures. Several models include photochromic lenses.

About New Z Resin£ Sunglasses

Fasani will rock Zeal's new Felicity sunglasses after a good day on the mountain. Zeal's new sunglasses line features 18 colorful styles made from Z Resin£, the company's proprietary, bio-based material made from the oil of castor beans. All the glasses use the optical market's newest lens technology that is exclusive to Zeal. Hyperion£ Lens Technology produces polarized, hybrid, injection-molded de-centered lenses. They have the lightness of polycarbonate materials combined with the optical clarity of glass, resulting in wide, crystal clear views with an abbe value of 38. They meet all ANSI, EU, and AU impact-resistance standards. Most styles in the line are available with prescription lenses. Unlike other manufacturers who apply film or coatings to sunglass lenses to improve eye protection, Hyperion Lenses embed new highly specialized SPF film and formulated resins to significantly reduce the sun's glare by 99 percent, cut 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and eliminate 95 percent of High Energy Visible wavelengths that can lead to serious eye diseases.

Zeal Optics is an official supplier to the US Freeski and Snowboard Association and sponsors the 2012 Revolution Tour. Sunglasses and goggles from Zeal are available from opticians, optical and sunglass specialty retail, and sportswear stores nationwide. For more information on Zeal Optics, visit zealoptics.com or follow the company on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Fasani on Twitter at @KimmyFasani or on her blog at KimmyFasani.com