ZEAL Optics, Creators of The Original GPS Goggle, Release New Model at $450

October 31, 2012 – Boulder, CO – Designed and crafted in Boulder, Colo., ZEAL Optics' has revolutionized the market with a new more affordable option for high tech consumers.

"We have been doing this longer than anyone and our advancements have allowed us to really expand our offerings to bring technology to more consumers. A more affordable option has always been the goal and today we are excited to announce that it is here and almost $200 less than comparable products," said John Sanchez, president of ZEAL Optics.

As the original creators of the GPS goggle, ZEAL now offers three GPS models, making it themost advanced technical goggle collection in the world.

"We are proud always lead in this market," says Joe Prebich, ZEAL's director of marketing. "Today we have invested in great products and now we can reach even more consumers than every before. "

The first GPS model was created in 2010 by ZEAL, working alongside Recon Instruments to design a functional and sleek GPS goggle forevery winter condition. The Z3 GPS tracks Speed, Altitude, Jump Stats, GPS, Temperature and more all from an integrated 16:9 widescreen display. The other models offer ZEAL's patent-pending polarized automatic lens that changes with the light so you never need to change your lens, regardless of the weather. The Z3 MOD Live offers smartphone capabilities that allow buddy tracking, detailed mountain trail maps, text messaging and other Bluetooth options.

For more information on the tech collection visit http://www.zealoptics.com/shop/goggles.html?collection_series=3811.
Stay tuned to www.facebook.com/zealoptics as well for updates.

About ZEAL Optics:

Based in beautiful Boulder, Colo. ZEAL Optics is known for its revolutionary eyewear technology and their commitment to ZEAL's Grounded initiative. Grounded represents ZEAL's ecological efforts to give back to its community and the environment, by using plant-based materials in its frames instead of crude oil. With handcrafted design straight for the heart of the Rocky Mountains, ZEAL Optics was the first to come to market with a GPS goggle and since then has presented the world's largest assortment of tech savvy goggles in the world. For more on ZEAL Optics' latest HD camera goggle check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46xa22ahKXg&feature=plcp.