ZEAL Optics Welcomes MEMPHIS To Its Biodegradable Crafted Sunglass Collection

PR - ZealMemphis - Mar14

ZEAL Optics, Headquarters – Boulder, Colorado – ZEAL Optics, the most sustainable sunglass company in the world, is proud to welcome MEMPHIS as the newest member of its CRAFTED family of fashion-forward, biodegradable sunglasses.


Born in the USA and grown on the fertile plains of the nation's cotton fields, ZEAL Optics works with Italy's renowned Mazzucchelli family to turn this miracle plant into a unique, plant-based, biodegradable acetate that is then hand-crafted into MEMPHIS.


MEMPHIS harkens back to a bygone time, while telegraphing an era yet to come—a time of style, insight, and deep stories. Made from ZEAL Optics' exclusive cotton-based M49 biodegradable material, the roots of MEMPHIS run deep, while its legend blooms on the surface.


"Taking its hints from the retro classics, MEMPHIS stands as a piece that transitions from suit and tie to an afternoon on the boat and is wearable by all," says ZEAL Director of Marketing Joe Prebich. "Subtle eye shape with a flat bridge on the brow of the glass allows for a closer, more comfortable fit. Lightweight sculpted temples help to increase comfort as well, for a long-term wearable sunglass."


MEMPHIS joins ACE, FLEETWOOD, and DAKOTA in the peerless Crafted Collection, a line of looks-can-thrill, biodegradable sunglasses that are born in Boulder and crafted in Italy.


The ZEAL Crafted Collection blends the ageless tradition of old world craftsmanship with new world innovation. Each and every piece is handcrafted, tapping into centuries-old techniques and steadfast values defined by the heritage of working with your hands, physically connecting the masterpiece to the person behind it.


About ZEAL Optics: Proudly the most sustainable sunglass company in the world, ZEAL designs and crafts every sunglass from renewable plant-based materials. ZEAL is also known for revolutionizing the goggle market with the HD Camera Goggle and the original GPS goggle. Based in Boulder, Colo., USA, ZEAL is a boutique brand focusing on handcrafted quality eyewear build for life outdoors. For more info visit zealoptics.com and follow @zealoptics on Instagram and Facebook.