Photos: Huggy

SNOWBOARDER Magazine has officially entered Canada to take our rightful place alongside 4,000 other members of the world's sporting press at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Though we are accredited like our colleagues within the 4th estate it is doubtful that many of them are camped out in an RV on the side of a sketchy Vancouver side street like us. While snowboarding's halfpipe elite are living the posh life sequestered on their own compound, some of us are keeping it real.

As such internet is sparse in the mobile command center. Therefore, until we get better telecommunications in place we are going to caption blind. This provides us with the perfect opportunity to quiz our readership on their Olympic snowboarding knowledge. We encourage those confident in their trivia to post their answers in the comments below. Also, for the sake of clarity, please cut and paste the question to go with your corresponding answers.