Board 2: Oz Woody

In a sea of choices, it can be challenging, if not impossible, to determine which snowboard is the right one for you strap into. That is why SNOWBOARDER Magazine created The Blackboard Experiment, to shine a light on some of the season's best freestyle snowboards in hopes that when you head to your local shop, you can find a deck that fits your riding, regardless of whether you're sending 50-footers or hotlapping the old guys' line.

Board #2, locked and loaded. p: Mike Yoshida

With nine boards to the test in the 2017 edition of The Blackboard Experiment, we tapped Aussie pipe phenom, Scotty James, to put the collection of blank snowboards through the paces. Just as Sage Kotsenburg before him, Scotty doesn't have a board sponsor, so he can ride anything he wants. The two-time Olympian has medaled at X Games and the US Open, and possesses an innate edge control honed from years riding transition and lapping his home parks of Perisher.

Once again partnering with Mammoth Mountain we had Scotty test out all nine anonymous park boards, rating them in four categories over five days. The scores were tallied at the end in jibbing, jumping, transition, and carving to determine which deck stood out in each category, as well as the overall park destroyer. Check back in the coming days as we announce the different winners as well as the ratings for each deck tested!

Board 2: Oz Woody

Model Length Tested: 161cm
Additional Lengths: 151cm, 154cm, 157cm, 161cm, 164cm, 157cm Wide, 161cm wide
Shape: Directional Twin
Camber: Hybrid (Varix)
Core: Carbon to Poplar
Base: SuperGlide
MSRP: $549

Great Scott! It is a hoverboard! p: Mike Yoshida

Brand Statement:

The Woody is our flagship design! We strategically lay up different levels of carbon in key areas to create the perfect directional flex. Under our Titan tough topsheet and aerospace carbon fiber, we have a vertically laminated full-length wood core. The stiffened tail provides huge pop and control while the softer nose is perfect for buttering and floating the nose in powder conditions. Yeah buddy, she rips the whole mountain! The most important factor in our company is we make our own boards in the USA. We use USDA certified bio resins, a 100% wind powered factory and we recycle all of our scraps. We employ local snowboarders and buy mostly domestic materials. By owning the factory, we can control 100% of the quality in each snowboard component we fabricate.

– Adam Browning, Owner/Founder, Oz Snowboards

Scotty taking a #2 down the pipe. p: Mike Yoshida

Scotty's First Impression:

It feels pretty good. The sidecut is good. The effective edge is pretty long and responsive. Really, really responsive out of turns, so it’s really snappy which is nice. Interesting shape.

Jib Score: 7

I like it. It holds a good like coming into rails. A little bit more stiff on the rail, can’t really press or anything like that. Didn’t feel locky at all. I feel like you could ride this board kind of everywhere. It’s a super good all-around board like riding the mountain. Carving is obviously really good on this board, if you’re not as into park riding. It’s not as much for rails, but I’m looking forward to trying it in the pipe–I think it will be really good.

Scotty didn’t need any help testing out board #2, but he did need a hand. p: Mike Yoshida

Jump Score: 8

I really like this one. It was really solid through the transition, nice off the lip and has lots of pop. Really solid on the landings, too. A little tougher on the grabs because it’s stiffer, so you don’t get that tweak out of the board. I’d feel comfortable taking it off of bigger jumps. The board feels kind of almost like it’s on a top, like it’s not reverse camber but it has a little bit of a feeling like that. Not super stable on the run in or run out. Same when cutting through the slush, the board kind of hovers on top–it’s a little sketchy. I think almost the sidecut has too much effect when you don’t really want it.

Tranny Score: 9

I like it. Nice board through the transition. Really good sidecut and effective edge. It’s stiff, responsive, and poppy. It’s good through the flatbottom. The length feels like a proper 162. It just holds a great edge once you set it in from wall-to-wall. It’s pretty aggressive, a solid board for big transition. You feel like you’re going to get the energy out of it that you put in.

Carve Score: 8

It’s a little tough for buttering just because it’s stiffer. You do a butter, but you’re not gonna stay in it very long. Probably give it a 6.5 for buttering. It’s really good for turning though. Holds an edge really well.

Overall Score: 32

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