words: James Fleege

Montana, generally known as the last best place happens to be the first best place for an early season snowboard event. Treasure State Shredfest was spawned in the fall of 2010 with the intention of getting Montanans an early desire to strap on and start dreaming of pow shots and back lips. The preparations are made months in advance from a team of about 20 shredites with nothing to gain except the pleasure of watching riders throw down and the pure joy of the stoke. The feature this year was the sickest to date with two hubbas, a butter box in-between and a quarter pipe with a log for coping. Our buds at Lost Trail Powder Mountain provided the feature and spent countless hours and money on making it legit. We couldn't do it without the support of Lost Trail, those guys kick ass! Edge of the World, the local snowboard shop, provided the judges, prizes and all around good times and Burton Snowboards came through with an archives tent, a riglet park and guest pro appearance from Alex Andrews.

It was 9 am, the coffee was hot, the shovels were amped to get out of the shed and the volunteers were sleepy. All was set for another amazing event in the garden city of Missoula. The first load of ice shavings from the rink was being dumped as the Lost Trail crew was worked tirelessly on the assembly of the feature and all was flawless with a crisp, cloudless sky setting the tone. After hours of shoveling and shaping it was time for the event.

Families started rolling in to engage in the grom activity known as the Burton Riglet Park. We strapped kids to little boards, jacked them up on candy and coloring books and pulled them around on mini jibs to give them the sensation of riding park. Shortly after, Burton archive master TK showed up with some rare and historical Burton products and wowed the rad dads with old memories of their younger years. Next thing you know, riders were shaking the cobwebs off from their six-month hiatus in preparation for the contest. Pro snowboarder Jason Robinson came to the event to guest judge and was stoked on the level of riding. The comp was heated with some tech mixed in with crowd pleasers and the scene was set for some wholesome entertainment. Finals. The bar was set high and the riding was increased 10 fold as the last 15 riders pulled out their big guns to show that they owned the event.

1st – Cole Karrow
2nd – Bob Riddle
3rd – Nate Falconer

1st – Katie Cerovski
2nd – Stephanie Feld

Big ups to all of our sponsors for making this happen. We thank you, Montana thanks you! Edge of the World, Burton Snowboards, Lib Tech, Lost Trail Powder Mtn, Great Northern Brewery, Missoulian, Whitefish Mtn Resort, Omni Bar, Carvers Deli, Windells, Dye, KBGA, Big Bear Sign, Eastgate Rental and SNOWBOARDER Mag.

Check out the video of the 3rd Annual Treasure State Shred Fest.