Beacon Movie Premiere

Quebec City, Canada

Words and photos: T. Bird

It's been a week since Louif Paradis and filmmaker Hayden Rensch premiered Beacon for the first time in Portland, Oregon last week and this past Thursday, Lou and Hayden took their masterpiece to Louif's hometown of Quebec City, Canada. Hosting it at QC's Museum De Civilization made sense not just to Lou, but to the hundreds in attendance that turned up to see Beacon because this film truly is a piece of modern art in snowboarding's long history. I'll spare you the details of a full breakdown of the film because it hits iTunes very soon, but I will say this: Do yourself a favor and purchase a copy of the film when it comes out, because, if you're a fan of Louif Paradis—which I assume you likely are—it's his finest work to date. For now, enjoy this little photo gallery from the second world premiere of Beacon. Salut!

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