photos: Chris Vanderyajt and Mary Walsh

If you've never been to New Jersey, you should put it on your destination shortlist. While the Garden State is best known for its Italian food, its everything bagels, and for being the home of The Boss—nestled in Vernon, just forty-five minutes from NYC is a freestyle oasis for the snowboarding set: Mountain Creek. The resort's South Mountain boats a top-to-bottom park; the trails are lined with jumps, rails, and tubes, making it the perfect place to congregate for Beyond the Boundaries Women's Snowboard Camp, a weekend park camp dedicated for female rippers who want to add to their bag of tricks.

On January 27, 2018, forty women congregated in the South Lodge to spend the weekend riding together and learning new tricks—whether new to the park or verified park rats—with coaches Christine Savage, Ari Morrone, Ashley Giangregorio, and Fancy Rutherdord. Stephen Ernst and the Mountain Creek Terrain Park staff pushed an amazing progression park just for the crew of ladies. A full trail was filled with a jump line; a plethora of jibs, including a flat box, c-box, street-style down tube, pole jam, up-dance floor, as well as a ton of tranny finding opportunities. It was a dreamy set up.

After fueling up on Saturday morning with Clif Bar and Chameleon Cold Brew and warming up via a yoga session with Nico Klimek, the posse headed on hill, lapping and heading to the BTBounds park. No time was wasted before the tricks started flying. Women who had never hit a jump before were pointing it into the kickers. A session erupted on the down rail right away with boardslides, backlips, 50-50's and 270's. The snow was soft and perfect for trying new things, thanks to a January warm up that brought sunny, spring temps to New Jersey.

Mountain Creek is also the resort where BTBounds head coach and co-founder, Christine Savage first strapped in. "Mountain Creek was the place where I learned to ride, from my first linked turns to my first park features," said Christine. "It is the place where I fell in love with snowboarding and because of that, has influenced my entire path in life. It's always been a goal of mine to bring the camp back to New Jersey, so partnering with the crew at Creek to make that happen this year was a dream come true."

Right away, it was clear that the Midatlantic crew had plenty of snowboarding chops. The East Coast breeds talented snowboarders whose turning ability is paramount and due to this, everyone was picking up new tricks super fast. Ari Morrone, who calls Pennsylvania home, led groups in carving clinics and soon there were women Euro-carving down the mountain.

On Sunday, things got technical when Fancy Rutherford led a clinic on switch ollieing—something so simple yet so challenging. Ashley Giangregorio got girls stomping 180's on the upper jump as she deftly illustrated how breaking down your body mechanics can help to unlock spinning in a new way. Jackie Tal, Creek's resident marketing maven, was in the mix putting down proper boardslides. Creek's media makers, Chris Vanderyajt and Mike Finnochario were snapping photos and logging clips (watch the BTBounds at Creek video here). Cardi B, Drake, and Tove Lo emanated into the park via an old gondola car rigged with a speaker system. It was a literal party in the park.

It was really cool to be able to bring so many girls from different areas in this region together for the camp; it was an opportunity for everyone to make connections in the community," said Ari. "Everyone got along so well and really pushed each other. Since the weekend, I've been getting hit up to go ride and have seen girls getting together on social media and that's so awesome." And ideally, that is what it is all about—coming together to learn new things for the weekend and then being able to continue riding together for the rest of the season—and beyond. As the sun got lower in the sky and the day began to close, the crew met back in South Lodge to close out the weekend of riding with proper New York slices, awards, and overall sharing of stoke.

Thank you so much to the crew at Creek, Hugh, Jackie, Stephen, Chris, Mike, Steve, and everyone! Thank you Reid at Oakley, Chris at Chameleon, and Will at Clif Bar for supporting event the event! Thank you to all of the sponsors who contribute to making the weekend a success: Oakley, Clif Bar, Chameleon Cold Brew, Blackstrap Facemasks, Coola Suncare, Saga Outerwear, Arcade Belts, Wend Wax, Rad Roller, Boiron Homeopathic, Zuzu Luxe, Gabriel Costmetics, Unreal Snacks, Justin's Peanut Butter, and Half Moon Yoga.

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