Photos: E-Stone

I wasn't able to make it up for Brighton’s opening day last week, but I was lucky enough to make it up this weekend. It was a super cold, sunny, Utah day and while the Mormons were praying in church many snowboarders were making turns. With only one lift open and a handful of runs, the majestic lift had a pretty good lift line. This was all good because I think everyone there was just as happy to hang out and bro down with old friends as they were to shred. Winter is back and people are excited. Jared Winkler and the park staff had all sorts of fun mini jibs for people to get warmed up on. The FODT/MFM and Friends crew were filming the riders messing around and getting warmed up so look out for a webisode coming soon.

Its not neck deep pow like the northwest but we are all stoked to just be riding again. If you live in SLC and have not been up to Brighton then get your shit together and come on up. Crest is going to open any day and the word is the mountains are going to get a huge dump this weekend. See you on the hill.