Burton am slope 09

Alex Dawoud

Words: Jacob T Weber
Photos: Peter Morning

As another year ticks off the calendar and our lives move one inevitable step closer to our final days and the climax of this planets great run. Duck and cover people, 2012 is coming. I find myself simply saying, "screw it". Let’s grab a beer, soda pop for all you young ones reading this: I condone a lot of things but underage drinking isn't’ one of them, and go do some living. Better to die a million in debt then with a million in the bank. While we’re out there racking up debt and building character…why don’t we throw a series of contests that are cheap to enter; where you can win a few bucks and qualify for a bigger equally as sweet contest. Sounds like a smashing idea. Can we throw in some Swatch TTR points as well? Done and done. We give you the 4th glorious year of the Burton Am Series. First stop Mammoth Mountain. Let the good times roll my friends.

Burton am slope 10

Ben Ferguson

My job here, beyond my duties as Emcee, is to regale all those unlucky souls who missed this stupendous event with the highlights of the day. So here they are in no particular order: The weather. South Park at Mammoth. Caden Michnal’s attempted front 10 double cork (I wanted to give him best trick just for the attempt). Kumara Kelley’s dance moves. Jessika Jenson’s cab 5’s that sent her right to the top. The Mammoth Park crew. A bathroom just when you need it. The sunrise. Josh Warnick’s cab cork 9. Hitting the hip end to end. Ladies throwing down on large jumps. Smooth registration (for once snowboarders were on time). More sweet maneuvers then I time to name. The sight of someone who was truly honored to have won (Rick Millet has been a staple at many of the AM Series events and many a time he was close to victory…this day he was not to be denied). Southwest Pollo for lunch. Good friends. Sunblock and aqua (both integral parts of our survival). Serious rail jibbing. Form fitting pants…..There ends my list of highlights. Nowhere near all of them, but a sufficient amount to meet the requirements of my duties.

Burton am slope_11

Grey McCalla

In the end there was no better place to kick off the new year of the Burton Am Series. Mammoth is an amazing place that I soon hope to return to…or right we are Super Pipe Jamming tomorrow. See you then. Thanks for coming out.

Burton am slope_12

Josh Warnick



1. Rick Millet
2. Garret Warnick
3. Mitch Richmond

Burton am slope 13

Garrett Warnick


1. Jessika Jenson
2. Nirvana Ortanez
3. Kumara Kelley

Best Trick:

1. Jessika Jenson; Cab 5
2. Josh Warnick: cab cork 9

Burton am slope_14

Josh Warnick

On a more somber note, but a one of hope: A great friend of the Burton Am Series and of mine, Mr. Danny Toumarkine, was severely injured in Montana this past week. He is currently hospitalized and undergoing intensive treatment. For those of you that know Danny, I would never have to tell you of his glory – for if you have spent even a mere moment with the man, it was blatantly obvious. For those of you that haven’t, trust in my words they are on the internet they have to be true. Danny is truly a king among men and extremely talented snowboarder as well. He is, to my knowledge, undefeated in his Burton AM Series career and has a multitude of other achievements far to numerous to mention here. If you would like to support Danny and his family, his brother Conor an amazing human being himself, has set up a website. www.dannyisthebomb.com. Go and post something and let him know that we are all pulling for him. Love ya Mr. Toumarkine, see you soon.

Burton am slope_15

Nirvana Ortanez 2 Place, Jessika Jenson 1 Place, Kumara Kelly 3 Place

Burton am slope_16

Garrett Warnick 2 Place, Rick Millett 1 Place, Mitch Richmond 3 place