Burton am Pipe 02

Trevor Jacob

Words: Jacob T Weber
Photos: Peter Morning

Wind wind and more wind. How do you stop an 80 mile an hour wind? Well sir that is a fine question. The answer is you can’t. You take it in the face all day and keep smiling. You can't stop your dude tube, aka super pipe, aka super duper pipe contest and let Mother Nature pull one over on you. The gusts from the gods may have cost us but they couldn’t defeat us. Trudge on we must, trudge on we did.

Burton am Pipe_01

Spencer Whiting

As always with the Burton Am Series, now in its 4th year, $3500 in cash prizes and two qualifying spots in the US Open were on the line. For the women it was a close battle between Chloe Kim and Summer Fenton both throwing 7’s in the jam session. Though when it came to the finals, Summer’s variety of spins and technicality, back 7 to switch back 5, put her in the top spot. When the men were diving into the Mammoth "Super Duper Pipe" the judging got even tougher. It was a pitched battle between all 6 finalists, each trying to make their mark on the judges. Many of them going for it all and falling… as at times we all do. Tae Hwan An was one landed Haakon flip away from the top of the podium. Spencer Whiting’s solid amplitude and stomped runs pushed him into 2nd. Trevor Jacob, the day's top qualifier kept it running straight through the finals and brought home the cash money and Open qualifier spot. Tae Hwan didn’t go home empty handed though taking home the $250 for 3rd and stomping a massive front 10 for the $250 best trick award as well.

Burton am Pipe_03

Ben Ferguson

If you were warmly tucked in the Mammoth Mtn lodge it would have looked like a magical sunny California day. Those of us exposed to the elements know the truth of it to and I can say that all were glad that said elements were braved. The Mammoth crew put together an amazing pipe and were there with us every step of the way. I can’t thank them enough for being such an outstanding crew and making our jobs simpler. Thank you to Snowboarder Mag for being here with us throughout too. As the sun sets on this; the third day where I have watched its rise and fall, I fondly bid you a due and with visions of cool PBR dancing in my head say to you, "On to the next one". Next stop Mt Hood Meadows. Come on out and get a little.

 Burton am Pipe_05

An Tan Hwan

1. Summer Fenton
2. Chloe Kim
3. Kelly Berger

Burton am Pipe 07

Kim Chloe 2 place, Summer Fention 1 Place, Kelly Berger 3 place

1. Trevor Jacob
2. Spencer Whiting
3. Tae Hwan An

Burton am Pipe 08

Spencer Whiting 2 place, Trevor Jacob 1 place, An Tan Hwan 3 place