photos: Peter Cirilli
words: Colby Sears

The Burton Qualifiers rolled through Beaver Valley, ON last Saturday, February 20th for the sixth semi-final stop of the 2016 tour. The Beaver Valley Classic included a medley of rail and transition features putting Balfour Beatty to shame. Hats go off to the Beaver Valley Ski Club Park Staff for putting together a course that completely embraced the style of the Classic Canadian Rail Jam.

As the 15 & unders took to the course, is was obvious that twelve-year-old, William Buffey was a force to be reckoned with. Judges were left searching for their jaws in the snow after he put down tricks like cab & backside 270s on the gap to flat down rail. Needless to say, young Buffey took first place for the 15 & under Division.

The Open Division was equally riveting. With more blunt slides than a Snoop Dogg video, the hour-long jam seemed to wither away all too quickly. Kody Williams twerked his way around the course with the partial dislocation of his hips wielding the craziest backside 270 to fakie in the game. First place rider, Joel Dalacker's frontside 270 off the toes on the gap-to-flat-down rail was the highlight of the day, and after a brutal fall midway through he straight up went Aaliyah on the jam, dusted himself off and tried again for the win.

Congratulations to all of winners. The top six earned themselves a spot to compete in the Burton Qualifiers Finals at Seven Springs, PA on Saturday, February 26th.


15 & Under
1st- William Buffey ($150.00 & Invite to Finals)
2nd- Sam Kovem ($100.00 & Invite to Finals)
3rd – Troy Hancock ($50.00 & Invite to Finals)
4th – Scott Wilkinson (Invite to Finals)
5th – Joel Graham (Invite to Finals)
6th – Jesse Jarrett (Invite to Finals)

Open Division
1st – Joel Dalacker ($350.00 & Invite to Finals)
2nd – Austin Johnson ($150.00 & Invite to Finals)
3rd – Daniel Glibota ($100.00 & Invite to Finals)
4th – Hayden Edwards (Invite to Finals)
5th – Brian Anderson (Invite to Finals)
6th – Kody Williams (Invite to Finals)