Check in: Taylor Elliott and a winter logging clips for The Uninvited

Taylor Elliott marches to the beat of her own drum–or more specifically of late, to the beat of The Gun Club and the B-52’s playing in her headphones when she straps in. The Midwest-born rider has long been the bearer of her own sense of style, an understated-yet-raw approach to riding that speaks volumes about her influences and aspirations. Taylor has been steadily making a name for herself since she was in high school. She has been in videos with Too Hard and new women’s powder project, Powanoia, made a splash at Ms Superpark, and over the past few seasons, cemented herself as a rising rider with a loaded bag of tricks, always ready for the next lap, be it in the Boreal park, finding fresh tracks on a splitboard, or hunting down metal in the streets. The winter before last, she joined the ranks of Jess Kimura’s movie project, The Uninvited and dedicated herself to chasing snow and steel for her video part. When the movie is released this fall, Taylor’s riding–rooted in an easy-going-yet-unbridled determination–will undoubtedly turn heads. We checked in with the talented boarder to hear how the winter went. – Mary Walsh

You started filming with The Uninvited in 2017, released a part with Madison Blackley in the fall, and spent last winter filming for the full movie. How did you originally get involved with The Uninvited?
I sent Jess a bunch of my footage from a couple years back and she thought I'd be good fit

How has this season of filming been going for you?
It's going great! It's been really cool boarding with chicks who fucking rip.

How has working on The Uninvited been different and/or the same from previous projects you have filmed for?
It's been totally different. Riding with new people has thrown me out of my comfort zone. New outlooks on spots and things like that.

You spent a while in Western Canada earlier this year. Who was on the crew?
It was Alexa [McCarty], Kennedi [Deck], Troy (the filmer) and I out in Vernon, Canada.

Any good stories from that trip?
Our buddy, Noah let us stay at his baller house up by Silverstar, which was so sick. He also pulled bungee, hit a few spots with us, and always provided the beers. Thanks again, bud!

Taylor and Roo. p: Walsh

What's your favorite part about Canada?
Canadians are the nicest people ever–and poutine, that's good too.

You've been riding with Kennedi a bunch and said she's the real deal. What's the scoop?
Yeah, I got to go on a few trips with her, to Vernon and Quebec. She's super dope. Keep your eyes peeled, folks!

You spent some time in SLC when the city got stormy. How was that trip?
Salt Lake is always a good time. It was rad to meet up with you, Madison, and my sister Riley for a few days of boarding. I also got to see Brandon hit Chad's Gap, which was the craziest shit I've ever seen!

What are your top spot necessities?
Music is always good, a beer usually helps, too.

Snowboy Productions’ IT’S TITS! at Boreal. p: Walsh

What do you look for in a spot that you want to hit? What kind of features are making you stoked this season?
Usually I look for things that are creative and different. This year, I've been trying to hit bigger features.

What's the best thing about filming a video part?
Getting the chance to travel to new cities and meet new people.

What's the hardest thing about filming a video part?
I think the hardest thing is just trying to make trips happen while trying to balance everyday life.

You took and end of season trip to Quebec–how was your experience filming there with the crew? Had you filmed in QC before or was that your first time?
Yeah, Quebec was the shit. We had the best crew! Maria Thomsen, Kennedi Deck, Alexa McCarty, Ivika Jurgenson, and Troy Erickson. It was my first time up there.

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What was the best part of filming in Quebec?
Best part about filming in Quebec was probably the weather, It was basically spring break up there. Also. everyone I was with was super motivated, I think that trip was make or break for most of us to get a full part.

What are your favorite video parts? What qualities do you think make for a good video part?
My favorite video parts are Kimmy Fasani's Absinthe part from AfterForever, Desiree Melancon's full part in Think Thank's Brain Dead Heart Attack and Jess's part from last year that she released online.

Whose part in The Uninvited are you most excited to see?
I'm pretty excited to see Maria's part, and Kennedi's, too.

What was your best moment in the streets this winter?
Pretty much every day when I went out and slayed it.

What was your most challenging moment in the streets this winter?
Haha, just kidding. Every day was a challenge.

Win some, lose some. p: Walsh

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