Rider: Cory Whetstone

Words & Photos: Mark Imanuel

On Febuary 5th 2011, located in Wrightwood, California, Mountain High held their annual Cholula Triple Air contest sponsored by Monster, Cholula, Jarritos, Powder & Sun, Vans, USASA, Wahoos, and Continuous. With a grand total of $30,000 in cash prizes on the line, riders were determined to throw down everything they had. With excellent snowmaking conditions prior to the contest, Mountain High was able to put together three jumps that ranged from 40 to 60 feet on the Lower Chisolm run. In the final, riders were judged on two runs. In the men's snowboard division $10,000 was up for grabs for the 1st place winner. 16-year-old Garret Warnick’s run was enough to put him at the top. His winning run consisted of back 540, back 720, and front 1080. Garret was bombarded by cameras and was at a loss for words with $10,000 cash in his pocket. Rounding up the 2nd and 3rd place were Brandon Reiss who collected $7,000 and Ian Thorley who brought home $3,500.

Rider: Brandon Reis

Open Mens Snowboard
1) Garret Warnick
2) Brandon Reis $7,000
3) Ian Thorley
4) Spencer Link
5) Jeremy Page $750
6) Jeremy Thompson $500

7) Trevor Jacob
8 ) Zak Hale $250
9) John Murphy $200
10) Cory Whetstone $100

Rider: Garret Warnick

Open Womens Snowboard

1) Nirvana Ortanez
2) Erika Vikander
3) Isabelle Lalive $500
4) Mikaela Casey $250
5) Melissa Evans $150

Rider: Ian Thorley

Rider: Jermey Page

Rider: John Murphy

Rider: Brandon Reis

Rider: Spencer Link

Rider: Trevor Jacob


The Podium. Ian Thorley, Garret Warnick, and Brandon Reis