The Cold Front Tour Chicago Stop—Recap

Rolling in from Minnesota off the Gesme-going-pro train, the Cold Front Tour kept moving east this past week, stopping in Chicago to swap the blues with bluebird, and bring winter to the Windy City. To our surprise… Mother Nature beat us there. A small snow flurry greeted us when we landed, but all it really did was make us feel right at home in the Chicago scene.

Brandon Davis doubling down on this feature in Chicago.
Jared Elston is getting at least double the amount of exposure this year on SNOWBOARDER.

With a sign from above, Beta and Kamikazu rolled on the big screen, and we couldn’t have been more stoked with the friends and fans that came out. Hosted by the Varsity Theater just north of Downtown Chicago, we will sadly take the easy, pun-filled way out and just say the audience was blown away in the gusty metropolis that sits on Lake Michigan. A big thanks to Ikon Pass, 10 Barrel, and Dragon Alliance for helping put the whole thing on, and a huge shoutout to Kyle Kelley, Wildcard, and everyone that made the night a blast. We can’t wait to do it all again next year. See you in NYC next week!

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