words: Mary Walsh
photos: Mike Yoshida, Mary Walsh, and Mark Clavin

On Friday night, Main Street in Breckenridge was shut down for Streetstyle, the urban-inspired rail jam that is a favorite of Dew Tour weekend. The snowstorm that had dominated all day finally let up. It wasn't freezing outside. And the course, created and maintained by a crew made up of SPT, Keystone A51 and Breckenridge diggers was on point. As the crowd filled the street and lined up alongside the set up, eleven of snowboarding's most capable jibbers got ready to drop.

The list of riders was small in number but loaded with talent. Darcy Sharpe, Chris Grenier, Jesse Paul, Nial Romanek, Jordan Morse, Anto Chamberland, Seth Hill, Dylan Alito, Frank Bourgeois, Brady Lem, and Zak Hale had the better part of an hour to pick apart the Streetstyle course, a microcosm of street-inspired features laid out in succession. Below the scaffold drop in, a dumpster buried in the snow was the first hit, followed by two squat corrugated tubes stacked next to one another. The third hit offered a concrete up Jersey barrier on rider's right and a live fire in a barrel to picnic table. The third and final section offered three options, a corrugated tube on rider's left, a round bar in the center, and a double down bar on rider's right—ideal for the transferring sensibilities of this crew of riders.

Chris Grenier is a city streets dynamo and he made a rare return to the contest scene on Friday night in Breck, bringing with him a sensibility of style that few can touch. Frank Bourgeois' riding is equally raw and full of finesse. He casually dragged a hand over the picnic table during one line through the set up and during another drop, boardslid the middle bar at the end of the course and easily made the not-small transfer to boardslide on the rider's right down bar—a feat that earned him Best Trick. Seth Hill and Dylan Alito are Colorado favorites, and rightly so seeing as they both know how to throw down, busting backflips, cartwheels, and combinations of on and off spins between the two of them, stoking out the crowd every time they dropped in. Nial Romanek was putting down presses with an unmatched ease. Anto Chamberland Miller flipped the first corrugated tubes. Jesse Paul, a king of buttery, loose jib style, was unpacking his enormous bag of tricks, dropping technically savvy tricks and bombastic crowd pleasers all in the same lines. Jesse put down a one-footer line that included one-foot boardslide on the pinic table to 50-50 on the round bar to fastplant. on the snow A physics-defying frontflip onto the picnic table had the crowd up in arms and his signature 50-50 frontside 360 swivel on the double down bar topped off a more-than impressive evening for the MN native. Fellow Midwesterner Brady Lem went 360 on and off the picnic table and on and off and instigated a solid duo effort after coming off early between the corrugated tube and round bar as DC teammate Anto Chamberland was hot on his heeledge. Thinking quick, Brady unstrapped and fell to his back as Anto transferred from tube to tube over him. Teamwork. Of course, to see all the hammers that went down, stay tuned for the Streetstyle video Saturday morning on Snowboarder.com.

Zak Hale possesses a proper style that he brought to Summit County and his facile ability to frontboard and offer consistently proper tricks landed him in third place for the night. Jordan Morse, making his first appearance at Dew Tour landed in second, a testament to this Utah rider's technical chops. In addition to keeping every trick 100% proper Jmo took the transfer to the next level, going left to right on the final corrugated-round bar-down bar with a hardway halfcab 50-50 transfer-transfer frontboard to regs.

Darcy Sharpe, the winner of not only the 2015 edition of this Dew Tour rail jam, but also of 2013 and 2014 landed nearly every trick he tried and added a fourth first place trophy to his collection of Dew Tour memorabilia. Also notable is that Darcy had spent the day dropping into the 70-foot jump in a snowstorm, so coming out and four-peteing this event is no small feat.

Tomorrow the jibbing continues as the slopestyle crew heads to the on hill rail set up. Stay tuned to @snowboardermag and @snowboardervideo for updates all day.

First – Darcy Sharpe
Second – Jordan Morse
Third – Zak Hale
Best Trick – Frank Bourgeois