Day 1 Ms. Superpark Recap

Women of snowboarding… assemble!
words: Mary Walsh
photos: Mark Clavin, Mary Walsh, Chris Wellhausen

The twelfth edition of Ms. Superpark kicked off on Tuesday, March 3rd at Eldora Mountain in Colorado thanks to generous support from Roxy. The sun was shining over the Rockies as nearly one hundred of snowboarding’s finest descended on the Boulder County resort for a week of sessioning a private park built specifically for their sending sensibilities. Stefi Luxton, Christy Prior, Alexis Rolland, Nora Beck, Emma Crosby, Ari Morrone, Melissa Riitano, Kaleah Opal-Driscoll, Alexa McCarthy, Fancy Rutherford, Amanda Hankison, and many more were on hand for Ms. Superpark’s eagerly anticipated returned to Colorado.

Ms. Superpark
Photo Credit: Chris Wellhausen
Christ Prior

Eldora pulled out all the stops for the riders. Stretched out beneath the Sundance chair, the Woodward Eldora park crew packed twenty-plus rails, wallrides, tubes, and more—both technical and inventive. Three perfectly sculpted jumps (30-, 40-, and 50-feet in succession) ran the rider’s left side of the trail. And on top of everything else, this Front Range resort paid homage to its heritage by cutting a halfpipe—the first the resort has had in years—a tribute to the early days of snowboarding where Eldora had one of the original pipes in CO.

While the first day of Ms. is often an opportunity for the assembled riders to check out the features, suss out lines, and start feeling things out, the Woodward Eldora set up was so crisp and proper that the crew started going off immediately. The jumps were opened up by young CO locals, Ashley and Kailey Bogart. Ellie Weiler kicked off the week by lofting backflips over the 50-footer. A session started quickly in the lower section of the park as Christy Prior, Alexis Rolland, Emma Crosby, Alexa McCarthy, and more headed for the DFD, while Melissa Riitano and Nora Beck dropped into the classic vertical-box-to-tree situation. Near the top of the park, Fancy Rutherford, Summer Fenton, Nelly Steinhoff, Christine Savage, Savannah Golden, Abby Ronca, Micah Anderson, and more were tackling the rails and propane tank. Nora Beck cruised through and put down a proper blunt on the top of the wedge wall. It was a heck of a start to Ms. Superpark 2020 and a strong indication of what’s to come over the next few days.

Ms. Superpark 2020
Photo Credit: Mary Walsh
Nora Beck

While the forthcoming daily edits will provide video documentation of the week, there’s so much talented represented at Eldora right now, in each daily recap post, we’ll check in with one of the riders taking laps through the Ms. park. First up is Christy Prior, a purveyor of proper style. She’s long been admired for her trick selection and considered aesthetic, a combination that earned her back-to-back Ms. Superpark Standout awards at Keystone and Mammoth. This year, she’s returned to Ms and on the first day of the shoot, the Kiwi rider was throwing down. We checked in with Christy Tuesday afternoon to see how this iteration of Ms. Superpark was going.

Christy Prior
Photo Credit: Chris Wellhausen
Christy Prior hacking away at day one.

How was your first day at Ms Superpark?
Well, not quite adjusted to the altitude, ha, but it’s super good. The level of riding is always surprising—you expect it, but it’s always higher than you expect. Wish I’d utilized the lift a little bit more, ha, but I really enjoy the hike sessions with all the girls. Everyone gets so stoked. It’s just so fun and that, to me, is how I want to do tricks: you’re not just lapping and in your own zone, you’re riding with everyone, getting among it. That’s the main reason I love coming to events like this. It brings us all together—girls from the streets, who film, from contests—and we can all hike the same feature. You ride with different people that you’re not always riding with and you see friends that you haven’t seen in ages. Everyone’s got their own strengths, so you get inspired—and all the different way people look at the features! That’s just one of the highlights, for sure.

What was your first Ms. Superpark?
Tahoe. I was so afraid of it. I was so surprised to be invited and I didn’t really know what to do, so I kind of just hid most of the time and didn’t really hit many features. I heard Bridges was real scary and I didn’t want to get told off, ha, so I think I got one shot and it was put under a different name, not even mine. And then the next time I came back and did the Keystone one and then Mammoth.!

Who have you been hyped on so far, even though it’s just day one, of course?
Yfla Runarsdottir and also Alexis Rolland. It’s been super fun watching them rip. And the young girls just getting after the jumps. I’m like, I’m seasoned now, I can let the people go. They have younger knees. Ha. So, I’ve been watching the girls and they’ve been crushing it.

What else have you been up to this season?
This season based more out of New Zealand and I’ve been coming out on trips and focusing on New Zealand season. I’ve been hanging out in Canada a bit—there’s an amazing girls crew out in Banff, Rude Girls, really back that. We did a really fun ride day there and then I headed to Revy and tried my hand at some sled riding and some pow riding. So, that was really fun. We’ve got a really exciting trip with Nitro coming up, splitboarding and a surfing in Lofoten up in Norway. We were trying to do a Japan trip this year, but didn’t because of the conditions, so going to revisit that next year!

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