Day 2 Ms. Superpark Recap

Women of snowboarding… assembled!
words: Stan Leveille
photos: Mark Clavin, Mary Walsh, Chris Wellhausen

As day two of Ms. Superpark at Woodward Eldora comes to wrap, we reflect on the metaphorical marathon that takes place throughout the week. With any event of this nature, each day carries its own energy as a part of the greater whole. Day one is a time to cruise the park in its entirety, scoping every nook and cranny for your place to shine, and ideally, lay down as many tricks as you can. But the thing about day one tricks, they are the tricks one knows they can do. The shit you’ve been landing all season, your current bag, if you will. Sure, the new features give you the jitters, but in general, it’s the stuff you have the muscle memory for. Day two? Well you see, that’s a whole new beast. On the second day of the event, one can’t just keep lapping and doing the same things they already got photos on. So besides those few tricks you battled on day one and didn’t get to your liking, you have to start to explore new options.

Ms. Superpark 2020
Photo Credit: Chris Wellhausen

One new option that was presented to the entire cast of riders was a hip feature built on the left side of the first jump. It didn’t take long for Melissa Riitano to boost a stylish method, inciting an all-out session involving Christy Prior, Crystal Legoffe, Nirvana Ortanez, Athena Comeau, and many others.

Ms. Superpark 2020
Photo Credit: Mark Clavin

Though the halfpipe was acknowledged on day one, day two bred the first real session, as Desiree Melancon, Nirvana Ortanez, Melissa Riitano, Amanda Hankinson, Naima Antolin, Summer Fenton, Stefi Luxton, Crystal Legoffe, Riley Elliot, Marissa Krawczak took turns hiking the left wall, which was bathed in sun from the moment the girls showed up. Amidst this session I sat down with Desiree Melancon and had a quick conversation. Wanna read it? Good.

Desiree, how did you get so good at handplants?
Honestly, Scott Blum.

Who was here yesterday!
He was. I missed him.

You have been coaching many riders, including the Snowboarder staff on their handplants. Is your coaching style too abrasive?
It doesn’t matter as long as you land the trick.

Highlight from today? Maybe an unfair question, you just got in.
Stan learning mandrechts, Stefi is about to do a frontside invert in the halfpipe.

Are the girls at Ms. Superpark going to steal your job?
Ya, I hope they do! (laughing) Wait, Is my job at risk of being stolen?

I don’t know, definitely not if you keep coaching us. We need a coach.
I’m a great coach.

I know. Does it add pressure to being here that some of the girls riding look up to you?
I don’t believe it.

You don’t believe they could look up to you?
Who could be that dumb! (laughs)

Thank You Desiree.

The end of the day? Jib hour. An all out war on the 10-plus rails that sit below the jumpline, the area that happens to have the most sun on it by the end of the day. Christine Savage, Fancy Rutherford, Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir, Alexa McCarty, Ari Marrone, Nora Beck, Kaleah Opal, Micah Anderson, Abby Ronca, and Maddy Monty made their presence known until the lifts came to a halt and the park crew began working to reset for day three.

Ms. Superpark 2020
Photo Credit: Mary Walsh


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