words: Mary Walsh
photos: Mike Yoshida and Mary Walsh

The biggest change at the 2016 Dew Tour was the addition of a team element to the weekend's proceedings, a CHANGE that brought a new, diverse group of riders into the mix of the seminal early winter contest. Six brands were invited to compete, each with a two-man team. Nitro, DC, Burton, Lib Tech, Salomon, and Ride had each assembled a jumper and a jibber (though of course many of the present riders are well versed in both) for the final event of Dew Tour weekend. In addition to those who would be donning bibs, each board company brought in a ringer as the team captain, whose job was to act as coach, helper, and hype man for the two men dropping in. For many of the riders involved—and all of the team captains—their seasons are spent in the backcountry and in the streets, logging clips and stacking hams. Their presence at Dew Tour opened up the competition in a whole new direction.

The breakdown of the line up for the Dew Tour team competition:

Salomon Snowboards:
Jibber: Jesse Paul
Jumper: Hans Mindnich
Team Captain: Chris Grenier

Nitro Snowboards:
Jibber: Seb Toots
Jumper: Marcus Kleveland
Team Captain: Jeremy Jones

DC Snowboarding:
Jibber: Jordan Morse
Jumper: Mons Roisland
Team Captain: Devun Walsh

Lib Technologies:
Jibber: Ted Borland
Jumper: Tyler Nicholson
Team Captain: Chris Rasman

Ride Snowboards:
Jibber: Reid Smith
Jumper: Brandon Davis
Team Captain: Jake Welch

Burton Snowboards:
Jibber: Darcy Sharpe
Jumper: Mark McMorris
Team Captain: Terje Haakonsen

To say that the field was stacked would be an understatement. The collective influence from outside of the competition realm that Grendies, Terje, Rasman, Devun, Jeremy, and Welch brought to the table for the team event was unique in itself—not to mention that Terje was poaching the course on a snowskate while Ben Ferg followcam'd. These guys, along with perennial slope savants Mark McMorris, Mons Roisland, Marcus Kleveland, Seb Toots, Brandon Davis, Tyler Nicholson, and Darcy Sharpe, as well as street and backcountry mavens who spend their seasons filming, Jordan Morse, Jesse Paul, Hans Mindnich, and up and comer Reid Smith brought a heritage of the diversity of the snowboarding community to the Dew Tour in a way that isn't often present on the contest circuit. In addition, the three-person team element catalyzed a vibe of friendly competition, complete with both shit talking and high fiving and overall stoke throughout the entire day, despite the fact that for the early part of the contest, the sky was puking snow and gusting wind.

The rail crew started off the day, dropping in for three runs with the best score out of one hundred securing their initial spot on the leader board. Nitro's Sebastien Toutant and Burton's Darcy Sharpe, who had competed on the rail set up the day before in men's slopestyle finals pulled ahead of the pack early on, bolstering their overall points for the day. Salomon's Jesse Paul, DC's Jordan Morse and Lib Tech's Ted Borland brought a street sensibility to the proceedings, offering up tricks that were technical and loaded with style. Reid Smith, the youngest rider at just newly eighteen dropped in with a hammer run that moved the Ride Snowboards team into third place going into the jump section. Mother Nature had other plans though, and gale force winds and sideways snow cause officials to close the jump for the day (also foregoing the second half of the women's slope finals—the top three were crowned based on Saturday's rail competition). The booter specialists were moved to the lower-on-the-mountain rail zone and would follow up their teammates' rail lines with runs of their own. For Mark, Brandon, Mons, Marcus and Tyler, the rail contest followed up their previous afternoon of slope jibbing finals. Hans Mindnich, who logs most of his airtime in the backcountry was the sole rider who had not competed in Dew Tour slope. No worry, Hans is no stranger to park laps as he came up riding slope courses. The crew threw down. Marcus Kleveland doubled down on teammate Seb's 450 on in the am with a 450 on 270 off on the last rail. Nitro took second place and never looked back. Darcy Sharpe had lined Mark up by leading after the morning with an 87. Mark came out firing his first run and put the Burton team in the top spot—the only change to their winning score would be when the young Canadian bested his own score by one point on his final go. Brandon Davis, whose across-the-falline style of maxing out his run across the plethora of jibs, snagged the assist with Ride teammate Reid and locked the duo into third place, earning both riders their first Dew Tour medals, ever.


First – Burton – 171.00
Second – Nitro – 168.00
Third – Ride – 157.32
Fourth – Lib Tech – 156.99
Fifth – DC – 155.00
Sixth — Salomon – 147.66

First – Darcy Sharpe – 87.00
Second – Seb Toots – 86.00
Third – Reid Smith – 83.66
Fourth – Ted Borland – 80.33
Fifth – Jordan Morse – 75.00
Sixth – Jesse Paul – 71.33

First – Mark McMorris – 84.00
Second – Marcus Kleveland – 82.00
Third – Mons Roisland – 80.00
Fourth – Tyler Nicholson – 76.66
Fifth – Hans Mindnich – 76.33
Sixth – Brandon Davis – 73.66