Dispatch Austin 1

Teddy Koo Picked us up from Narita airport in his american car.

Photos & Captions: Austin Hironaka

Looks like our new Dispatch photo diary columns are starting to catch on. The second pro shred to sign up is technical tweaker Austin Hironaka. Notice that Austin used the old standby "Insert caption here." for #6. Why not? Just leave your favorite caption ideas in the comments section below. Please don't abuse this initiative by writing something like "Sack Lunch" in the comments. This is Japan not Korea. Also what's up with the left hand drive van?

“Konichi wa Bridges san,

I finally made it to JAPAN!!! I fuckin love this place already and we’ve only been here a little more than a day! I’ve been snappin photos though bein a tourist and was wondering if you wanted to do some kind of internet updates from the trip similar to kazu’s gig. Here are a few pics from the night we arrived and yesterday (day 1). Hope you’re down!!!”- Austin

Dispatch Austin 2

Nick Hyne, the crazy mad scientist met us at the Prince Hotel in Neaba.

Dispatch Austin 3

We went out for a few drinks at this little local watering hole and found this pair of kicks.

Dispatch Austin 4

Akifuni Hiraoka, the Japanese legend!!

Dispatch Austin 5

Japanese Yakuza sighting.

Dispatch Austin 6

Insert caption here.

Dispatch Austin 7

Mik is the man!!

Dispatch Austin 8

Japanese binding steeze.

Dispatch Austin 9

Thanks to all the dudes at the Ghetto park for the awesome afternoon!!