Austin Dispatch2 01

People always told me that the Japanese had steeze.. I had to see it to believe it.

Captions: Austin Hironaka

Austin Son is back with the goods from across the drink. Here he documents the merging of the minds as Think Thank, Krush and the Boxes For Days spectacle makes it's Asian debut. Oishii.

“Konichi wa Bridges san,

This place just keeps getting better and better! Here’s the second set of photos from the past two days. We Drove from Naeba to Hakuba to meet up with the Think Thank posse + Krush for boxes for days. The event went OFF!! The people out here are so damn cool! I love it! I got a little vid edit comin soon for you as well.


Austin Dispatch2 02

We got the 3 finger discount at Yaki Niku dinner.

Austin Dispatch2 03

Nick Hyne decided to get a Robo Cream for dessert.

Austin Dispatch2 04

Someday when I buy a house, a toilet seat from Japan will be my next purchase.

Austin Dispatch2 05

Fuck a candy vending machine when you can get Kirin Ichiban instead.

Austin Dispatch2 06

Just got to Japan, Copped this van. The cars here are INSANE!!

Austin Dispatch2 07

Our map at Snoqualmie cant even come close to compairing to Hakubas map.

Austin Dispatch2 08

This ones for you Pat!!

Austin Dispatch2 09

My deported homies from Seattle, Kenji san and Takashi san.

Austin Dispatch2 10

This guy was one stoked JapBlaster!!

Austin Dispatch2 11

How many fingers can you count?

Austin Dispatch2 12

*Insert caption here.

Austin Dispatch2 13

Think Thank Crew + Krush.

Austin Dispatch2 14

Three people made it to the end of this thing. The first was this tiny little Japanese girl followed by Chris Larson and the kiwi, Nick Hyne.

Austin Dispatch2 15


Austin Dispatch2 16

I think one of the tentacles is suctioned to my lip..

Austin Dispatch2 17

Kenji san on the ones and twos at the after party.

Austin Dispatch2 18

This guy loved what Kenji san was spinning so much that he had to get a little closer to the speakers.

Austin Dispatch2 19

Hironaka, Burtner, Zizo, and Yoshida.