Dispatches: Japanese Import – Kazuhiro Kokubo 1.2


Just sit in seat so long and stare at window. Sometime flying is not cool like people think.

Photos & Captions: Kazu Kokubo

Kazu says Re:Laax as in this Dispatch is regarding Laax, Switzerland which is where the 2011 Burton European Open is going on right now. What is the protocol for abbreviating Switzerland anyways? Like when do you use SUI and when is the CH preferred?

Kazu Post2 2

Goodbye Hokkaido hello Switzerland

As usual Kazu is short on details when captioning these shots. Take note of what he labels as "Important stuff for travel"; 70 euro's, an orange and rolling papers. The rollies are pretty good but the orange? Do people even get scurvy anymore? And 70 euros! That much money in Switzerland might buy you four slices of cheese, a handful of Pringles and a 8 oz. Coca Cola.

Look for some candids of Kazu spraying champagnia from the podiumia in the next dispatchia.

Kazu Post 2 3

My home for this week at Burton Europe Open.

Kazu Post 2 4

Important stuff for travel