Kazu Post3 1

Bradshaw must be filming down in the valley.

Photos: Kazu Kokubo

We called it. Kami-Kazuhiro Kokubo took charge of the Laax dude tube and nearly won the whole show. Apparently the post event celebratory activities took their toll on Kazu because he couldn't muster up the requisite captions for this weeks first dispatch. How hung over do you have to be to throw together 5 words of broken English? Well if Kazu goes anywhere near as large in the bar as he does in the pipe then he gets a pass. The following captions are courtesy of SNOWBOARDER. Check back later in the week for an update from Utah perhaps. Or SoCal. Or Amsterdam.

Kazu Post3 3

This is one jam session involving pro riders which won't be judged.

Kazu Post3 2

Yellow utility strap. Apres approved for sure.

Kazu Post3 4

Nickel Bag and Squid toasting the joys of being over 21. On a side note have you ever heard of a North Island Iced Tea? It is like a Long Island Iced Tea but the gin is replaced with Sake.

Kazu Post3 5
Kazu Post3 6

This is eerily similar to what it looks like at a Great White show.

Kazu Post3 7

This looks like it might be a shot from an elusive detachable triple chair. Only in Europe.