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Time to go work for the day

Going by name alone one would think that heading to Park City to ride halfpipe makes about as much sense as flying to the Virgin Islands to find less than chaste individuals. Yet Kazu knows where to go to get it done. Park City that is. Kazu is after all a happily married halfpipe practitioner. Right now Kazu is in Aspen making a run at another podium but he has fired over a few snaps from the end of his Utah sessions. Oh and to those two commenters who felt the Great White show caption was in bad taste we say go "ペニス'飲み込"でください".

Not so hard at work Liam, Evan, Pat and me.

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Kazu Post 5 04

Lunch at monster house.

Im so glad I don't have to work in office like bank or selling cars. My job is so good.

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StoNp filmer Nori san dare me to dive in snow.

Kazu Post 5 08

No problem

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My art