Dispatches: The making of Magicpower II with Benny Urban and friends

Benny Urban, Marc Swoboda, Alex Tank and friends get creative with a new snowdome edit.


words: Benny Urban

During the early summer days of 2015 I was out skateboarding in Munich with one of my good buddies, Alex Pfeffer. He's one of the guys that always brings a camera and likes to be ready to shoot in case someone steps up to a spot. Well, staring at that beautiful VX1000 camera and thinking of a possible summer snowboard trip with my friends, things started to connect in my mind. Instead of driving or flying across the world to get to a glacier and blasting tons of emissions into the air, we decided to use what we have in front of us.

In this case it was a snowdome. To be exact, the snowdome in Bispingen, Germany.

We've been very lucky to have the freedom of being able to do what we want in that fridge. Combining features as we like, bringing trash to ride on and even getting permission to switch off the light for our sessions. I was so hyped that all the boys I asked to join the project were instantly down! Having a good crew that likes each other is a major aspect for good flow and the so called, “Magicpower.” Even if the circumstances we chose to film in weren't the easiest, a crew like that makes it always productive.

Trying to get that unique look, especially considering our decision to film everything in the dark with only spotlights and a camera LED panel made the whole process a bit more tricky. Once again that's why I'm so stoked we had Alex Pfeffer behind the cam. Since last year was a lot of fun and kind of worked out the way we pictured it, we decided to it again this year! We added a few homies to the crew, including Alex Tank who brought his disposable camera and snapped some sweet pics. This is why I will leave you guys with the photos and Magicpower 2. ☺