Dispatches: Spedelli’s Art Show


Words: David Steigerwald
Photos: Sean Kerrick Sullivan

On November 23, at the ripe hour of 5:00 AM, Zeachman and I hit the road to the north with an Element full of snowboard gear and artwork for a week-long trip in the snowboarding mecca of SLC. If you don’t know who or what Zeachman is, chances are, you probably have suffered some sort of recognition loss from a harsh zeach to scorpion on an 8-foot park rail. To offer some aid you may know him as Big Sternum, Grande, Zoich, or simply Big Mike. With Zeachman behind the wheel we sped through the rainy, Vegas deserts and slush-stormy Southern Utah plains to reach one of snowboarding’s finest cities, Salt Lake City. We arrived with just enough light to break in my first ever trip to SLC with a Rose Park skate session, and from that point on it was all good times, good people, and a substantial amount of beer.

With a whole week do whatever the hell we wanted, we made sure we got plenty of time on snow. We clocked a solid trail day at Brighton where Big Mike displayed his freestyle walking skills in front of Mia Lambson’s lens. Deadlung showed us why Chip’s Run is the greatest run on the planet when we hit up Snowbird for the day. We even got some epic sunshine park laps at Park City on two separate days. Having never been to SLC prior to this trip, it was incredible to get the full tour of local riding in just five days, considering we made it to the mountains no earlier than noon each time, thanks to $1.50 Miller High Life’s and a very strict cab-calling policy.

Beyond the snowboarding, SLC is also a place of good hangouts and even greater people. One of those hangouts is Spedelli’s, which is run by some of those people, Mac and Sam Spedale and their crew. No trip to SLC for any rider is complete without a visit to Spedelli’s, so Zeach and I took it up a notch and organized a collaborative art show to be held there right in the middle of our vacation on Tuesday night. We took the day off from riding on Tuesday and filled the wall with Zeachman and Davidaisy originals, brought in Matty Mo on the turntables, and started the party promptly at seven. The show went awesome, with Littlest holding down the bar, and the kitchen crew turning out amazing food throughout the night. A variety of riders and non-riders alike came to check out the work, have a beer, and start the early weekend off right. Plenty of people went home with some artwork for their homes, including Zak Hale, Michael Wick, Ben Bilodeau, and Staxx who dipped out before the photo-op to do whatever it is Lick The Cat members do in their free time (I’m going to refrain from making my educated guess here). Pat Moore and Austen Sweeten both battled it out for art-collector supremacy walking away with a handful of original pieces each. In the end though it was Grenier who took the collector title dropping the most dough on two Zeachman originals. Friendly competition aside everyone knows its about good times and hanging with the homies and the show was nothing but a good time for everyone involved. As the hour grew late, or early depending on how you look at it, we closed down the show and headed out to unwind and crash out before getting another early Noon session in and continuing our vacation.

Big ups to all who came out Tuesday night to our show, the Spedelli’s for hosting us, Matty Mo and Lauren for sheltering us, SKS for shooting photos, Bode and Granger for taking us in on Thanksgiving, Pat Fenelon and Park City, Brighton, Snowbird, and anyone else who helped make our week in SLC one to remember.

If you couldn’t make it be sure to check out our work!