words and photos: Aaron Blatt

As the Banked Slalom weekend came to a close and the bulk of the crowds made their way back to civilization, the snow reports for Mt. Baker were lining up for a fairly impressive cycle. A cold rainy Monday in Bellingham meant that it was absolutely dumping up in the mountains and as our crew slowly assembled, you could feel the excitement building.

By Tuesday morning, our eclectic group of snowboarders found ourselves in the parking lot of Baker with a good 10-14 inches covering the previously choppy mountain that we had left on Sunday evening. At least a foot of snow was forecasted every day until the weekend.

We cruised in to barge through Baker with a stacked crew consisting of Kimmy Fasani, Ben Ferguson, cinematographer Corey Koniniec, Burton TM Frankie Chapin, East Coast homie Matty Griffin, Burton's Alex Adrian, Chris Zimmerman, and myself, guided by the one and only, Gary Milton. With a crew of this size riding primarily inbounds and sidecountry lines, shooting becomes a fast paced blur of powder-filled mayhem. Corey and I rolled with our cameras out, prepped for Kimmy and Ben to tackle the lines, pillows, and drops that are famously held by Baker. We were never far from the hooting and hollering of the rest of our crew while they were dropped in to get theirs. The results were perfect mayhem, a mix of panic and precision, and by the end of our trip we had a collection of images that for me represents a perfect three day session at Mt. Baker with an incredible crew.