Dispatches: Think Thank x Summit at Snoqualmie


words and photos; Mike Yoshida

The second annual Think Thank x Summit at Snoqualmie Sessions went down earlier this month just before Superpark. If you haven't heard yet, Think Thank is making two movies this year! Jesse Burtner had invited both crews from Think Thank Almanac and Right Turn Left Turn movies to session a custom park that was more of an organic playground, designed by the man himself. Day one consisted of "Rubble Tubes." Jesse told the park crew to basically simulate an avalanche debris field and randomly place lift tower tubes amongst the rubble. When we showed up on the first day, it was nothing less than chaotic, amazing and creative. The crew quickly went to work with Tuffy shovels and bags of salt and carved out their own hits, redirects, combos and lines. What went down that first day was a classic Think Thank brainstorm session that resulted in some signature weird snowboarding and a strong resurgence of the swivel. Buff Moose aka Brandon Hammid and Tucker Andrews took it upon themselves to huck backies into the flats, while Chris Beresford, clad in his throwback early nineties gear, was performing his sweet buttery moves flowing from tube to rubble flawlessly. Other highlights that day were Ted Borland jamming a corrugated tube, pushing it downhill, and jibbing it once again as it stopped movingl Parker Duke gapping a twenty-five foot-long tube to a mini corrugated boardslide that was nothing less than psycho; Mitch Richmond tube jamming to backie right into a 50-50 on another tube; and Brandon Reis…well, Brandon did a lot of insane stuff, but let's just say he has really good board control.

Day two consisted of a rhythm section at the top of Central that saw some action, despite the rain that had moved in that afternoon. The highlight on this feature was definitely Borland's line consisting of a back three to front one to chicane. Down below, the rain had started to come down hard and we huddled under the tent that Snoqualmie had brought up for us. Beresford came through again with a multitude of no-footed tricks starting with a proper pop shove with classic FFC style. He then landed a true kickflip, where he flicked it with his front foot instead of using the back highback to flip the board, and then finished it off with an airwalk! Other highlights of the day were Burtner's fakie to fakie one-footer, Geno and Mitch Richmond blasting methods, and Brandon Reis going ballistic on everything.

Day 3 was probably one of the worst weather days that we had but one of the most memorable for me. Jesse had set up a mini banked slalom where everyone was lapping through a bunch. Once they had the turns established everyone gathered at the top and the two crews all shredded the course at once. The outcome was a slushing group of chaotic yet somehow synchronized turns that seemed very dangerous but beautiful at the same time. There's no way to describe what went down so you'll just have to go out and buy Right Turn Left Turn to see what I'm talking about. No doubt both these movies will be some of the first to come out in stores and online in the fall, so be ready to grab a copy at your local shop. Later on there was a mini QP that had been built that saw all sorts of action. Parker Duke was throwing down insane methods while Desiree Melancon, Sam "Wilder" Hulbert, and Brandon Reis were going through the handplant handbook checking off every variation.

The Think Thank X Summit shoot is one of my favorites that I look forward to every year. Being only the second year, it was awesome to see how Jesse is growing it into an event, but I guess it's more of a session. Ex-Think Thank alumni Ryan Paul and Nick Visconti were invited to shred as well as two up-and-coming film crews, Sick Dawgs and Wyld Instinct, that had won a video contest Jesse had put on, so not only was the session a great way to get more footage for the movies but it was an all-inclusive shred gathering to bring together a group of like-minded people. "I want this to be like the Holy Bowly of jibbing," said Burtner, and personally, I'm excited to see who might show up next year… Milbery? Do it.