Words: Blake Paul
Photos: Kyle Martin

Late Saturday night a blacked-out van exited of Interstate 80 into the streets of Salt Lake City. Piloted by a bleach blonde, Tinder-enthused, Oregon boy turned SoCal (it hurts), Dragon’s new Team Manger, Kyle Martin. In the back, a slew of beer-covered hooligans thrashed around, including Tommy Gesme, Brady Lem, Spencer Schubert, Jordan Small, video boy Colton Feldman and myself, later joined by Griffin Siebert, Zak Hale, and Alex Yoder. The van pulled up to Willie’s Lounge just in time for karaoke night. Fake IDs were exchanged, the lyrics of “Closing Time” were belted, pitchers and Fireball shots were consumed, and the party was just getting started. The Dragon Alliance #WeAreFrameless tour launched with a bang and has only held momentum from there.

Brighton Mountain Resort was stop number one of the tour and played a great host to the crew. Not only opening so early in the season, but having plenty of terrain to get out and dust the cobwebs off the board. Days of hot laps with friends, grilling dogs at the base, gear giveaways, and filming in the amazing park put together by Mouse and crew. Nights were filled with giant, homie dinners, skateboarding, and some “celebrating.” But that's not all, it's early in the season and everyone was excited to stack some clips. A session up at the hill lasted until 6am, moving from feature to feature, the crew put in work and showed that they’re not just around to make another early season park edit. Especially with video-magic boy Colton Feldman behind the lens in his $wag pants.

Salt Lake City seems to be the capital of the snowboard industry, and of course home of The Lick the Cat crew. The first stop of the tour was filled with friends and epic tales both off and on the hill, including Spencer almost getting evicted from his house. Also can't go without mention of Michael Wick, Tyler Bello, and Sam Taxwood showing the crew a great time. Stop number one was legendary, and the talent pool of the Dragon team is shining. It's going to be a good couple weeks.