You know that feeling when you’re eating something really epic, like some insane sandwich that you ordered from a proper deli and you were starving before getting it so it’s just super good? And you don’t want to stop eating it, because why would you? But you know that if you keep going there will be nothing left soon. And although your hunger will be satiated for the time being, your stumble will growl once more and who knows if you’ll find such a good sandwich again?

That’s how the end of winter is this season. Maybe every season, but definitely this one. Spring riding is upon us, but for many resorts (cough, Tahoe and Mammoth and Utah), the storms keep coming, feigning deep winter. In other regions, lifts are starting to shut down for summer and sweatshirt laps have been on the go for a while now. It’s been a hell of a winter, but we’re not ready for it to end, which is why we’ve compiled a selection of images from the past few weeks for this super round up Feature Presentation gallery. There’s a couple of photos from late March events, a few of spring builds that you can currently ride, and there’s still more to come in many places. Stay tuned to the Instagrams of your local hill and beyond, because the snow isn’t gone everywhere yet.