Feature Presentation: December 8, 2016 – This Week in Terrain Parks

The first update from terrain parks across North America of the 2016-17 season.

Trollhaugen, snowboarding, terrain parks, Benny Milam
Sunshine, snowboarding, terrain parks,
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Sugarbush, snowboarding, terrain parks,
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Red River, New Mexico, snowboarding, terrain parks, Kyle Vaughn
Bode Merrill, Brighton Resort, snowboarding, terrain parks, Bone Zone
Trollhaugen, Human on Board, Calvin Green, snowboarding, terrain parks, Eric Ralles
Woodward Tahoe, Boreal, snowboarding, terrain parks, Neffland, Matt Busedu, Tahoe
Squaw Valley, Tahoe, snowboarding, terrain parks,
Jason Anderson, Mike Zandron, snowboarding, terrain parks, Seven Springs
Big Boulder, Big Boulder Park, snowboarding, terrain parks, Brennon Sloan
Sunshine Village, snowboarding, terrain parks,
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The proverbial freezing faucet has officially turned on for winter as storm patterns are making their way across the Nothern Hemisphere. Resorts from New England to Alberta are spinning lifts for the season and as snow falls, snowguns fire, and more and more trails open at every mountain as we head deeper into December, the park laps that we have all collectively been dreaming about since taking our boots off on closing day are finally coming into focus. Park crews from California to Pennsylvania have been shouldering shovels, fusing metal and grooming transition to bring to life this year’s bevy of jumps, jibs, and effusively creative features for our cruising pleasure. As parallel lines are etched into the take-offs before every DFD, we are pleased to begin this year’s weekly terrain park update, Feature Presentation. Each Thursday, we will provide a look at what’s currently going on in the parks at your favorite mountains, both the ones you head to regularly and the locations at which you vacation. New metal, freshly cut quarterpipes, behemoth jumps and more will prominently be displayed at the end of every week right here on Snowboarder.com, just in time for your weekend trips to the mountain. So check out the first installment of early December park builds and check back weekly to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods and beyond.

For more on this week’s featured resorts:
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