SNOWBOARDER is stationed in Minnesota for the week, a place where park laps are ingrained in the thermal fabric of every snowboarder that calls tow rope oases like Hyland, Buck Hill, and Trollhaugen home. It’s cold, the skies are blue, and the tows allow for a lap every minute. But it’s not only the Midwest that is currently firing with jumplines and DFDs. Tahoe is officially dug out (for now) and the parks are stacked with snow and features. Mountain Creek, Seven Springs, and Roundtop are holding it down in the Midatlantic; Sun Valley and Whistler are looking prime–to be honest, all of the featured parks in the above gallery are ripe for the ripping. So get out this weekend, layer up if needed, and get to boarding. And of course, #thankaparkranger for their hardwork.

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