New snow just fell at Brighton yesterday and while the coverage is thin, SLC locs have headed up to get a few early drops in, a reprieve from the hard work building up the Bone Zone arsenal the past few weeks and an opportunity to test out some of the new jibs that Ted Borland, Alex Andrews and a hefty crew of volunteers have been making. Last Friday, before the storm moved in, I headed up to Brighton to get a peek at the new Bone Zone areas–that’s correct, there are two spots that will be open for preseason riding and once the season starts officially and Brighton opens up, the Bone Zone has a new, permanent home close to the Brighton park. A bevy of riders, including but definitely not limited to Chris Grenier, Andrew Aldridge, Littlest, Jesse Paul, Jeff Holce, Daniel Cochrane, Nirvana Ortanez, Amanda Hankison, and Dylan Trewin have been putting in long hours sourcing fallen trees and dreaming up ways to cut and reassemble them, leading to a stockpile of forest-grown jibs that will continue to grow until the snow really starts falling. Here’s a look at a few of the features that will be set up in the Bone Zone’s two zones this fall. Follow @bonezonebrighton for daily leaks and updates. And, if you head up there to join the fun, bring a shovel.