First Annual Ice Coast Challenge Brings the White Wave to Shawnee Peak

Ice Coast Challenge
Ice Coast Challenge
Ice Coast Challenge
Ice Coast Challenge
Ice Coast Challenge
Ice Coast Challenge

New England snowboarders have a reputation for being die hards when it comes to their staggering ability to remain strapped in when the temperatures are downright frigid and the same can be said for their watermen brethren. From the icy waves of the Atlantic, Bryan Johnson of Pioneers Board Shop teamed up with Trigger House’s Brandon Halberstadt and Bridgton, Maine’s Shawnee Peak to bring the green room to the white room in the form of a surf-inspired contest held on hill. The result was the First Annual Ice Coast Challenge and a heck of a day in the Pine Tree State with snowboarders and surfers alike trying cutbacks and snapbacks on snow transition. Enjoy the photos from the event and check out the results.

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From Trigger House:

The first ever Ice Coast Challenge went down on March 29, 2014 at Shawnee Peak in Bridgton, Maine under sunny skies with 50+ degree temps.  Over a hundred competitors made the pilgrimage to the mountain to be part of surf and snow history. Pioneers Board Shop of North Hampton, New Hampshire worked with Trigger House to pull off the wave-inspired course build over the four days leading up to the event. The course layout featured banked turns, a 600-foot spine with hips, bellies, launches, and two barrel sections allowing every participants to get a 10-f00t stand up tube to end their run.

Keeping with the surf theme the event was judged by Eastern Surf Association judges from the New England surf chapter. The riders were judged on their two best waves and scored out of a possible twenty points just like scoring in a surf contest would work. Top riders from each division advanced on to a final where riders were judged on just one more run.  The men's and women's open divisions first place finisher each earned a five day surf trip to Puerto Rico thanks to SASS Global Travel, Lost Surfboards, and Concepts covering their airfare. The event featured an on hill boat bar and huge crowd that came out to watch the event, enjoy Sam Adams beer, and listen to live music all day!


Menehunes Girls
1st Nicole Quinn
2nd Meliha O’hara

Menehunes Boys
1st Quinn Brattagliese
2nd Jake Anastas
3rd Charlie Campbell

Juniors Boys
1st Gavin O’hara
2nd Zachaios Fitts
3rd Hayden O’hara

Masters Mens
1st Billy Woodward
2nd Michael King
3rd Alexei Garick

Open Women
1st Tessa O’Brien
2nd Kelly Kennedy
3rd Sara Lang

Open Men
1st Brian Sullivan
2nd Ryan Flynn
3rd Ian Feliney

Special Thanks to Pioneers Board Shop, Trigger House, Shawnee Peak, SASS Global Travel, Burton, Lib Tech, Concepts, Lost Surfboards, Global Surf Industries, FLEYE, Thieves, Sam Adams, Electric Visual, Oakley, Ugg, Vans and everyone who came out to support the event!