Another Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails is in the history books, and this one definitely earned its place! With two different courses running parallel to each other, cooler temps mixed with sunshine let the snow stick for the field of 60+ riders for nearly four hours of riding. To say this event was heavy would be a huge understatement. Ozzy Henning, Zak Hale, Madison Blackley, Ryan Paul, Jesse Paul, Halldor Helgason, Oliver Dixon, Brady Lem, Jordan Morse, Benny Milam, Lenny Mazzotti, Johnny Miller, Francis Jobin, Yuya Akada, Masato Toda, Jordan Small, Ben Bilodeau, Drayden Gardner, Christian Hobush, Chris DePaula and plenty more were bringing stylish and technical tricks to the course all day.

The breakdown was solid and creative on both sides. A gap-to-rail, leading into a banked turn with a hip, and ending with a multiple option jib feature called the "junk pile" made up the right side, while a 20+ stair set with three differing rail options to slide, a gap over a miniramp, and a spine/wallride feature made up the left. Riders hiked and hit both courses throughout the contest, but the crowd favorite seemed to be the miniramp gap that saw the likes of Greg Lutzka, Nick Palmquist and more skating as Jonathan "Mamba" McDonald, Ozzy Henning, Jaeger Bailey, Sam Klein and the rest of the field tweaked and flipped over top.

Joe Sexton, Chris Bradshaw and Dylan Alito sat in at the base of the hill with a bird's-eye view tasked with the hardest job of the day, judging. Hot Dawgz veteran turned judge Joe Sexton had a lot of positive things to say about the vast course. "True to Bear, they just keep going bigger and bigger. It was a good meshing of the rails and jumps… definitely more exciting to watch for the crowd."

The finals were more or less like the first half of the day, except for the last thirty minutes turned into an all-out fight for the $10,000 first place check and Snoop Dogg was DJing and tossing out blunts to the delight of the crowd. We don't see how he has anything left in the tank for riding in November, but Quebec City native Francis Jobin took home the top spot after impressing the judges with complete lines all day, as well as a few standout tricks like a switch back 270 bring back and switch back 360 on the stair set options, and a clean front 720 over the miniramp. To stick out in a field with so many big names, Jobin was stoked to say the least.

Madison Blackley also had quite the day. Taking home first in the women's field for the third year in a row, Blackley hit every feature with a clean style and consistency that made writing her name down on the scoring sheets a common practice for the judges.

Jaeger Bailey took home second, making the crowd go wild after a few laid out superman front flips, along with the "only person to transfer into the miniramp on a snowboard" award. Lenny Mazzotti took "best trick" after landing a switch back 270, back to regs, on the gap to down bar over the stair set and to nobody's shock, Benny Milam rounded out the men's podium after riding like, well, Benny Milam all day.

Other standout tricks included Ozzy Henning pulling his shirt over his eyes before hitting the 20+ stair down bar and Zak Hale boosting back rodeo 540's over the hip feature on looker's right. Take a look at the photos above and check back soon for the full recap video! Big thanks once again to Bear Mountain for putting it all on and to DJ Snoopadelic, Method Man and Redman, Andrew W.K, and Tomorrows Bad Seeds for performing throughout the weekend. We can't wait to do it all again next September!