Photos & Words: E-Stone

Last Thursday at the Canyon Inn in SLC was the season opener for Fresh Tracks Thursday Hosted by MFM and DJ Finale. Its also snow Industry night where they offer no cover to anyone who works at a ski resort or who is holding a day pass to any resort in the area.

The night went off with a good showing of snowboarders. Everyone was ready to celebrate the upcoming season and all of the powder days to come. Make sure you come down the Thursday after Thanksgiving as the crew always throws a good party and has all sorts of giveaways. Last Thursday MFM was buying almost everyone at the bar EMV and Vodka shots, they also tossed out giveaways from DVS, Technine, Skull Candy, Neff, Brighton and I even saw a few 1-year subscriptions to SNOWBOARDER mag going out to the crowd.

The highlight of my night was seeing old friend and shredder Erik Christensen. E.C. is a dope homie I used to shoot with all the time. He has graced us with some illness in more then a couple of the FODT videos as well as countless photos in Snowboarder Magazine. EC had disappeared for a while but now is back on the scene. Turns out he got into a bad situation and had to spend some time in the clink. It was nothing too serious but sometimes you have no choice but to serve a couple months in county rather then fork up the loot for bail. EC told me that when he went in he was pretty freaked out as it is a crazy place. Luckily they had some old issues of Snowboarder Magazine in the Library and word got out that EC had some photos in one of the issues. Erik said he was an instant celebrity and now had status among the inmates. They all left him alone and just commented on how he was the crazy snowboarder dude. It made his time fly by and made his sentence way easier. Thank god for snowboarding and the amazing stories and situations that come along with the lifestyle.

EC also told me he picked up a copy of the new SNOWBOARDER Photo annual and is claiming it is the best photo annual ever. Coming from him this is pretty dope. Make sure you go get one and find out for yourselves. Now lets just hope EC gets back on the snow and graces the pages of future issues of SNOWBOARDER.