Greenhorn Games: Summit At Snoqualmie

Future Lib ripper, Mateo brought one footers on the rainbow all day!

Recap: Krush Kulesza
Photos & Captions: Mike Yoshida

Gnu Snowboards and Snowboy Productions brought the Greenhorn Games back to the Summit at Snoqualime the other weekend..and it was awesome. For the fourth year this self-proclaimed "coolest 13 and under contest in the world!" did not disappoint in stoking out all the kids and parents who made it up. Around 70 mini-shreds lit up the course with a stunning array of pint-size trickery and style beyond their years. Matteo, Milo, Keala, Paris, DJ…the list goes on and on of ripping kids coming up in the Northwest.

With 6 different categories, there we're a lot of winners at greenhorn games.

Think Thank's Jesse Burtner kept the kids hyped on the microphone, guest judges Austin Hironaka, Sean Genovese and Freddy Perry gave pointers and high-fives while Adam and the Sno Con crew kept the kids fed with hot dogs, Lib Tech bananas and Gnu pickles!

Mylo and crew were doubling up

At the end of the day viking helmets were awarded, pictures were taken and a bunch of stoked kids went home with goodies from Gnu, Oakley, Skullcandy, POW, Snowboarder Magazine, High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Poler. Extra thanks to the Summit at Snoqualmie Park Crew and all involved for the fun day…see you next year!

The Jesse Burtner product toss

12-13 Year Old's
1. Austin
2. Patrick
3. D.J.

Northwest kids can do proper methods.

10-11 Year Old's
1. Milo
2. Matteo
3. Bryce

Paris showed up and threw down some steezy manuvuers.

9 and Under
1. Keala
2. Maui
3. Zane

These kids were having way too much fun

1. Paris
2. Anna
3. Sophie

After this 50-50 this guy proceeded to triple cork the big jump!

Maui and Patrick do their b

Greenhorn games is quite possibly the funnest event in the northwest.

The winners! These guys shredded hard all day, classic snoqualmie.