Photos: E-Stone

The smell of snow was in the air last weekend as MFM and FODT premiered Hard to Earn in SLC.  The event went was held in a perfect outdoor venue thanks to Jim and Kimmie at the Canyon Inn.  They were cool enough to lend us their parking lot located at the entrance to Big Cottonwood Canyon, where the FODT crew organized an outdoor movie projector and DJ setup.  While the crew grilled up burgers and dogs for an eager crowd, MFM, DJ Finale and Concise Kilgore put on a 4 turn-table DJ show with Freestyle rapping from Concise.  MFM wanted to bring the party type atmosphere to an all ages hang out, so the younger kids of SLC could see a show that you can normally only see in a bar.

After the sun went down it was time for a product toss with gear from Technine, Sound, Skullcandy, DVS, MiloSport,  and EMV and then few contests for the big prizes.  First was a break dance contest for a Technine Midget Mafia Board.  Then a Freestyle rap battle for a Banshee Bungee.  The kids who entered went off and put on quite a show.  After dark the movie played on the outdoor screen with a dope sound system.  Riders MFM, Johnnie Paxson, Derek Dennison, Jonah Owen and Dylan Thompson were in the house to watch the movie and meet the kids. If you have not seen Hard to Earn or want to get one of the Dope Hard to earn T's log onto www.Hardtoearn.com and get one today.  Afterwards we moved inside the Canyon inn for a Dope after-party and more product giveaways.

Special thanks to Cole Taylor for not only making such a dope movie but also setting this event up for MFM and the snowboard community of SLC.  This kind of all ages hangout is just what we need to get hyped for the season to come.   Props to Gailon for spray painting the mural, Jared at Brighton, Kale from Milosport, Matt Luke, Coop and Alex for grillin’ and of course all the sponsors.