High Cascade Session 5 exceeded all dreams—even that one recurrent dream where you snowboard a park made entirely of birthday cake. Yes, we're serious. It was better than a park of birthday cake. Signature Session™ Pros Jed Anderson, Jake Kuzyk, Mary Rand, Danimals, and Joe Sexton stoked out the campers even more than a Billy Joel song stokes out your parents. You may not have thought that possible, but no rendition of “Piano Man” could compare with what delights were had on hill. The halfpipe rang with slashes and airs, the medium jump was 1080'd during the Spin Cycle Classic, the various rails chuckled with 270s, and the quarterpipe—that elegant monstrosity of slush—was roaring with double flips (check out an unreal #WarbingtonHour). Complemented with off hill activities like CAPiTA and Union shoe golf, anon. jousting, Airblaster skate slalom, waterfall hikes, trampolining, skateboarding, dodgeball, the Celtek scavenger hunt, and even an extremely exclusive first viewing of Rendered Useless-creator Jon Stark's new Videograss movie Half Off, we confidently reiterate: BETTER THAN BIRTHDAY CAKE. Everyone at camp channeled the crux of why we snowboard: the people it gathers, the creativity it sparks, the places it leads us—it's all so incredibly fun.

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