words: Brendon Rego
photos: AG, Tyler Benton

High Cascade's Session 5 was more like a summer snowboard fiesta fueled by a Mambo Number 5 jive. July & High Cascade just wrapped up the hottest session yet! So in honor of Session 5, we're going to give you a 5 for 5. Think of it like Wendy's 4 for 4, just much more delightful.

Jake OE was in the park training for the fastest riding speed while filming a line. P: Tyler Benton

1. Videograss hosted the session and brought with them snowboard wizards Jake Kuzyk, Joe Sexton, Jake OE, Danimals, & Justin Fronius.

2. It was sunny every-single-day.

3. #CAMPiTA7 was going off in full-effect that had CAPiTA's entire pro team & a dozen or so AM's devouring everything!

4. Danimals cemented a Ride snowboard into the Dodgeball court that had campers dodging bullets (not literally) in an attempt for a fresh deck.

5. The first VG Huck-a-thon had kids getting so down with the sickness we were worried System of a Down may send us a cease and desist.

Really though, Session 5 was all-time and for that we must thank our wonderful campers & our lovely guests. With Session 6 underway, one can only sit and experience the heaviest case of FOMO, but we hope to see all of you next year for the next chapter of the summer snowboard party!