Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly at Park City, Utah – Day 1


words: T. Bird
photos: T. Bird and E-Stone

Park City, Utah is aptly named, as it truly is one of the best park destinations in the world, but today, at Lib Tech's Holy Bowly, both Park City and the event itself have risen to a whole new level.

Jeremy Cooper and crew have constructed a cornucopia of transition right above the main parking lot and in turn, pro snowboarders from all walks of life showed up in order to turn, air, slash, spray, and enjoy the company of those they normally may not get to ride with often.

What was most astonishing to me was the variety of snowboarders from all genres that came out of the woodwork to assemble on the hill to session the Holy Bowly setup. While this event was held in Japan for the last two years, now that it's moved to within thirty minutes of Salt Lake City-the long-held mecca of freestyle snowboarding-it's more accessible than ever, and that was more than evident in day one's turnout.

Lapping continuously were riders like Blake Paul, Scott Blum, Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg, Jamie Lynn, Jesse Burtner, Jake Blattner, Chris Grenier, Sean Genovese, Bode Merrill, Sam Taxwood, Austin Hironaka, Russell Winfield, Brandon Hobush, Desiree Melancon, Seth Huot, Brendan Gerard, Forest Bailey, Danimals, Temple Cummins, Mike Rav, Tucker Andrews, Justin Keniston, Hans Mindnich, Tim Eddy, Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, Ian Keay, Russell Winfield, Andrew Brewer, Jake OE, Joe Sexton, Ben Bogart, Sean Genovese, Wes Makepeace, Bryan Fox, Max and Gus Warbington, Alex Lopez, Nick Dirks, Matt Edgers, Ted Borland, Justin Bennee, Cam Pierce, Lucas Magoon, Chris Bradshaw, Deadlung, and so many more. When is the last time any sort of gathering or event has showcased such a variety of talent? Exactly.

While I'm certain that more will show up in the coming days, Lib Tech's 2014 Holy Bowly is sure to produce some of the best and most memorable inbounds content in the coming days, so be sure to stay tuned to for daily video and photo updates, and enjoy this gallery because there's much more to be posted in the days to come.